A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Detox

Ah, detox.

You’ve likely heard the word a million times. Detoxes are supposed to magically cleanse your body, heal your soul and clean your body for a better tomorrow.

But what exactly are these lifestyle cleanses? And what are the main types of detox?

Below, we have the ultimate detox guide so you can go about your day knowing exactly what detox is – and what it does. Let’s get into it.

What Exactly Is a Detox?

What Exactly Is a Detox

Let’s start with the basics.

A detox is a lifestyle change that allows individuals to eliminate toxins from the body. This reset allows the body to reconfigure itself, helping protect it from disease down the line.

This helps us remain healthy for a longer time while nourishing our bodies and minds for the upcoming days and years. You can do a detox by yourself, or refer to professional detox centers such as hoperisingrecovery.com/treatment-at-a-detox-center-in-utah/.

Types of Detox

There are many types of detoxes you can undertake, and each targets a different facet of our bodies while affording us additional benefits.

Let’s take a look at the main detox types below.


Fasting is a long practiced tradition that is, in fact, a detox.

The ritual of limiting your eating window to certain hours of the day is excellent to reorient the body. It allows the body to draw from pre-existing fat reserves for energy, which also aids in weight loss.

In addition, the mental clarity and focus gained from fasting are a significant advantage too.

Liquid Cleanse

Liquid Cleanse

If you feel your energy going down during the day, this is the cleanse for you. The liquid detox is all about consuming healthy fruit and veggies – but in liquid form.

This means you’ll be eating a lot of oil, juice, soup, and smoothies. Don’t forget water!

Alkaline Detox

Feel like you’ve been overeating junk food? An alkaline detox will allow you to cleanse your body of the harmful chemicals and ingredients by relieving the body’s need for alkaline food.

This will reduce your cravings for fatty, fried, and sugary food while relieving the colon. The detox is based on eating uncooked fruit and vegetables, raw pressed oils, and raw nuts and seeds.

Sugar Detox

The name says it all. This detox is also known as the candida cleanse.

Sugars are found in so many foods, from alcohol and yeast to mushrooms and cheese. The body seeks relief from this constant inflow of sugar, thus doing this cleanse is a good reset. Simply eliminate sugar in its various forms for a few days, and you’re good to go!

Detoxes Cleanses Your Body (And Soul)

Detoxes Cleanses Your Body

Detoxes have been practiced for centuries around the world. The detox process is all about resting, cleansing, and nourishing the body – from the inside out.

We hope this article on the types of detox gave you the inspiration to get started on cleansing your own!

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