So, I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the look I created. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to upload the video haha. But so many of y’all wanted to see the video on snapchat so here it is! Hope you like it ♡ Much love, An.


  1. Hey Honeys!! Here's my first video using the NEW Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette. I really hope you like the outcome of the look. Much for all of you. ♡ If you have any questions leave them down here.

  2. When you know your talent very wel?

  3. Her eye and eye lid shape is amazing

  4. Hi, I loved the video! I find the shades of the Modern Renaissance palette beautiful, warm from the palette of Anastasia. Here in Brazil is more difficult to buy … But I found in this site cheaper (sends to Brazil).
    But I'm not sure which one to buy: This https://goo.gl/1t3d39 or this https://goo.gl/psdbSL? What do you think? rsrsr, Kisses

    Kisses from Brazil!

  5. I love your look and I wish my hooded eyes could do that!

  6. I can only pray to get to your level of greatness!!!

  7. You are honestly so talented !! You make a palette that everybody " dislikes " to a palette that everyone is gonna love now !

  8. A whisk of icecreams, pistachio, chocolate, coffee… Beautiful blending!

  9. literally only you could make a great look out of this palette ??

  10. Everyone is trashing this ? and alot of people are believing the negative reviews I was one of them but I finally swatched it, the colors are so pigmented and stay on the only downside is the fall out that part is true but you can always clean the fallout or do the eyeshadow first then foundation. btw great look?

  11. I feel like An was the only YouTuber who didn't have major huge issues with this palette!

  12. This looks stunning!!! Your eyes remind me of Jaclyn Hill's!!?

  13. This is the most stunning and artistic look I've seen with this palette!! I am so incredibly impressed!!! I wanna recreate but I am not going to purchase the Subculture palette so i will just use shadows I already have ☺

  14. OMG best look I've seen yet!!! You did great!!!!!!!!

  15. Very talented artist…. ABH should pay u to use this look to sell that pallet

  16. You are the most artist makeup artist I've seen on YouTube.

  17. Finally! Someone who is willing to give a good simple review without mentioning all the drama and swirling the brush around to test how bad the fallout is. If anyone can make this palette work it's you! This look came out beautiful, and your skills are amazing.

  18. This is by far the best and most coolest look I've seen anyone create with the Anastasia subculture palette. You did such an amazing job at creating this look. It's also interesting to see that the colors that everyone had the most trouble with you didn't use it on your crease instead you padded it on. Love this look!

  19. hey an what camera do you use to take pictures?

  20. This is super unique. I love it. Art is all about experimenting.

  21. Hi An can I use the Tarte Shape tape concealer instead of the Mac Pro long wear concealer??

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