Abstract Color Block Nail Art

❤ These abstract colorblocking nails are sure to catch some eyes! For this design I used, ‘Mum’s The Word’, ‘Pardon My Garden’, ‘Peach of Cake’, ‘Aflorable’, and ‘Dark Hue-Mor’ from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure collection.

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  1. Unbelievable!!!!!
    your imagination is praiseworthy……

  2. I thought it was a stamp design ?

  3. do you leave the nail polish on or take it off after you're done

  4. how do you free hand with your non dominant hand. I think I would need striping tape for this. .

  5. Very steady hand u got there my friend! I was convinced it was stamping! ?

  6. Wow when I clicked on this video I thought it would be hard to make this design but it isn't!

  7. Beautiful ? it's really perfect!!!

  8. How did you do that with your opposite hand? Goddamn

  9. looked awesome but too time consuming and fiddly for me to try ?

  10. You are so precise and talented! ?

  11. Your lines are so precise! Before watching the video, I thought you used a stamper! Nice job 🙂

  12. Plzz make a video about how i edit my nail art photos for thumbnail plzzzz

  13. that is cool HannahRoxNails I like it and can't wait to see more from you

  14. Such a pretty colors, love it 🙂

  15. I thought you were gonna use a nail vinyl, should've known better.

  16. Missjenfabulous did this design two years ago but only with two colors. Having four colors gives it a nice twist that looks more appealing. Great tutorial

  17. Did you used to make videos on how to make friendship bracelets?

  18. Kudos to the freehand but not all viewers can do that thus we are watching tutorials…

  19. Creative!!
    Love it.. So easy and very attractive too..
    Definitely try it!!

  20. Omg I can barely part my nail into 4 with my right hand! How am I even going to do the black part with my left and right hand?!?

  21. I thought she was going to use a stamp for the navy blue part, but then I was like "yes! freehand it!"

  22. I thought it was a stamping design!! Wow!

  23. those lines are so straight Hannah! I love these! ?

  24. Can you make a video for manicures Transparent

  25. lately she just posts sponsoring shit. Unsubscribing. Bye.

  26. you really have an eye for color combination! I love this design

  27. You're my favourite nail artist! Great as always. I don't comment very often, but there's no a video which I haven't seen.

  28. Each of your designs are flawless!??

  29. This is incredible! Free hand? You are awesome!

  30. I never ever get any line straight on my nail…….can u give me some tips plzz………..nyc nails btw love it♡♡

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