Abstract Geometric Nail Art

These colors from Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel Royal Splendor collection make for the perfect geometric design! I used ‘Plush Blush’, ‘Prince Char-mint’, ‘Off With Her Red!’, and ‘Can’t Beet Royalty’ to create this fun look!

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  1. That is pretty good.. but how do we make the right hand?

  2. what kind nail art brush you are using?

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. And did you do your other hand Hannah?

  5. I like your nail designs, but it's definitely Hard Mode. When I get enough patience….

  6. This looks great Hannah . I will recreate some day

  7. This looks so artistic! I LOVE how crisp each shape is???? They're super beautiful colours too!!!???✨

  8. These are SUPER beautiful!! I will gonna try it.. Just too bad I suck at free handing ??

  9. You really have a steady hand. So how do you do this mani on your dominant hand?

  10. U r good at this! Color combinations r always on point!??

  11. @Hannahrox what a great talent u have great steady hands wow

  12. who else heard her say taco instead of top coat ???

  13. These are gorgeous!! I can't wait to try them

  14. I think you could do this mani using your DIY nail polish decal tecnique 🙂

  15. Loving your nail videos!!????

  16. I am so addicted to sally Hansen miracle gel my favorite kind of polish love the video

  17. Wow stunnin an on point does the gel last cuz you don't cure

  18. holy f. I thought you used some kinda vinyls.. but that's all free hand painting – ARE YOU A WITCH?!

  19. Which brace coat did you use with the miracle gel?

  20. Amayzin, but I can't even do the dotticure correctly so I don't think I will be trying this any time soon

  21. I have short nails because my mom forced me to cut them all the way and I had to do that but I secretly didnt cut my ring finger shhhhhh…… But good thing I didnt cut my opposite hand! And I told my mom that I wont cut my nails only file them and I told her that cutting nails are going to make small or big splits and also my middle finger nail was long and it was extremely hard to cut and I also to,d her that and I'm telling facts about why cutting nails are bad and telling her to file and I'm trying to find ways so I can convince her not to cut nail but file them Plz help

  22. this is pretty Hannah I like it

  23. Wow…how are you doing this!? I can't even draw a straight line on my nails =(

  24. I laughed so much at the polish names… they are just so funny and clever! Great look, like always 🙂

  25. me: sees cute nail art tutorial from hannah
    me: maybe i can do this one, doesn't look that hard
    hannah: free-hand-draws perfect shapes
    me: …nope

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