Acrylic & Gel Nail Art Tutorials! | Nail Art Design Compilation


  1. These are cute please do my nail designs creativity of the beauty is so overwhelming 😍

  2. These are so beautiful.. I'd love for any one of these designs to be on my nails. 😛

  3. I normally absolutely love cute polish designs and these were all great but literally everyone of them had rhinestones it was a little too much for me.

  4. Can u do a compilation of duo chrome nail art?! 😍

  5. Wow! Super stunning! They were all seriously amazing!

  6. Loved all 😍😍😍😙😗😗

  7. Can you do one for short nails? 1 like = 1 agree!

  8. Oh my I love them all tfs

  9. Too tacky/kitch for me. Quite different from this channel's vibes.

  10. Omg those nails around the 5:20 mark, are GORGEOUS!! 😍

  11. How do you do your chrome powders so perfectly? Mine never end up right

  12. So Nice! I loved😍

  13. My nails never come out like this. Your awesome at what you do.

  14. Seriously speaking, I liked all but two of these designs, & the two I didn't care for they were not bad at all, they were just not what I would wear on my nails. 😉

  15. Every single one of these! Omg 😍 I love all of them!

  16. Just had a horrific anxiety attack, crying violently and wanting to hurt myself. This calmed me down. So, thank you! ♥♥

  17. Not my favorite, too much "stuff" on long fake nails. (Does anyone even wear nails like these and function in regular society?) But I'm sure others enjoyed it.

  18. Wow, really pretty and elegant!

  19. They were all my favorite <3

  20. Thank you for finally doing one with long nails!

  21. What is that hallo powder?

  22. Such beautiful nail creations x

  23. Beautiful xxx😘😘😘

  24. 😻👑👑👑

  25. What are some alternatives to gel? I’m allergic to gel 😫😭 but I love the strength it gives me while my nails grow. Acrylic would damage my nails and is too thick. I need advice!!

  26. The creativity is almost overwhelming 😍

  27. Nyc colors with design lv u♥♥♥♥♥ thx

  28. Too much stones and decals per finger, not tasteful.

  29. These nails make mine look like shit

  30. Could you do it but no acrylic or gels pls?!

  31. Could you please say what was used next time please

  32. Please let us know what kind of gel polishes she uses! I loved all the designs!💕

  33. oh my god these are gorgeous!!!!! 😍😍😍im in love with those nails!!!!!😍

  34. ❤🏵😚😚😚

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