Acrylic Nail Preparation

Need ideas for your nails? Want to learn the art of acrylic nails? Then, I recommend that you…
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Camila Rojas
The Nails Queen


  1. I would love to see more videos about nail prep, drill bits explained, creating the perfect acrylic or gel nail. I just love the way you explain the process and your videos are always amazing quality. Well thought out.

  2. What kind of sanding bands do you buy? I'm trying to learn to save time by using my drill to remove shine instead of using a hand file but the sanding bits I bought seem to burn my clients nails unless I go terribly slow on my drill speeds.

  3. gracias por compartir espero Un tutorial en español a si vas a tener mas audiences saludos desde San Diego cali

  4. what brushes & drill machine do you use?

  5. I'm begging u do an acrylic ball video

  6. Im a nail technition i was told not to put primer on like a polish it spreads on its own because ur gonna burn your finger off with the drill and it hurts soo bad

  7. looking to buy a drill. what do you recommend?

  8. Where did you get the drill bit from?

  9. AAHH!  I'm WAY too freaked out to use a drill on the natural nail.  Unless it was like a 240 grit or something.  I don't know. I know a lot of people do that but for some reason it just makes me cringe a little. Real nails are just so thin. It just freaks me out. I'm not hating on what you do or anything!  Just for me… ah it just freaks me out a bit!

  10. do you have any step by step tutorials??

  11. Hello where do you get your brushes?

  12. Awesome prep video! Nice and clear and to the point! Keep up the great work!

  13. Can you do a video for a fill?

  14. Could you name the products you use

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