Addicted To Travel: 10 Signs That Show You Are

Traveling is without a doubt the finest thing on the planet!

Travel fills your body with an exciting tingling sensation and awakens an unexplainable sense within you. This enormous joy follows you around wherever you go.

Traveling provides life-changing adventures and experiences. You grow a little with each vacation, and when you return home, you’ll most likely feel compelled to go out again.

It’s because of the freedom and feeling that comes with traveling, which allows you to do anything — it’s quite addictive!

Yes, you heard us right.

Traveling can be an addiction, and people addicted to this condition can seek help at this Austin alcohol detox center.

10 Signs That Show You Are Travel Addicted

Many people like traveling, but that does not mean they are addicted to it. We have narrowed down some signs that will help you figure out if you have a travel addiction.

Let’s check them out:

1: You Save Money Only For Traveling

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Your priorities have radically transformed since you began traveling.

You’re saving money for new travel adventures instead of keeping up with the latest technology or going on wild shopping sprees.

You have to second-guess yourself, wondering if you’re about to spend 50 euros on a new dress when you could save it in your piggy bank to fund your next trip or pay for travel car insurance.

2: You Are Very Excited To Book Flights

It’s time to book some flights once you’ve decided on a new destination and a departure date. A conflagration of joy erupts within you, and your level of anticipation soars to new heights.

It’ll soon be time to pack your belongings and start a new adventure!

You’re counting down the days since you booked your flight. Every morning, you cross another day off your calendar – the less, the better!

3: Your Closet In Packed With Travel Clothes

Your garments must be functional above everything else, whether you’re in the hot and humid climates of Asia or America!

Your clothes are ready for any activity, from sweat-wicking shirts to lightweight sweaters.

Rather than buying at Forever 21 or other fashion retailers, you prefer to shop at outdoor stores and favor labels such as The North Face, Mammut, Tatonka, Colombia, etc., because you are always shopping for travel clothes.

4: You Can Never Settle In Your Home

You’ve just returned home and are having trouble settling in. Your mind wanders back to your last vacation, making you wish to travel to even more nations.

You’re always seeing yourself packing your backpack and boarding a plane on your way to your next trip. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a trip is the planning and anticipation that comes with it.

This tingling sensation is caused by the thrill and interest that builds up while dealing with a new destination. This sensation, together with the fact that you’re already planning your next vacation when you arrive home, is a sure sign you’re hooked to travel.

5: You Fall Asleep Easily

Fall Asleep Easily

The fact that you can lie down in any place and fall asleep instantly is a strong indication that you’re a seasoned traveler.

When you’re tired on a plane, train, or bus, you may sink into the land of dreams in minutes! You make the most of long layovers at airports by napping.

No, we are not complaining that you are an early sleeper. We are simply saying if you are one, it is likely because you have a travel addiction, and you can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

6: You Never Unpack

People addicted to travel practically never unpack! They constantly have a backpack ready to go anywhere they want to go, and they never want to unpack after returning from their trip.

The reason for this is that you never know when the items in that bag will come in handy again!

Travel enthusiasts despise the thought of passing up any opportunity to travel. On top of that, they can’t bear the fact that a vacation is over, and that’s another reason they avoid unpacking.

7: You Are Never Happy When You Are Not Traveling

You’re agitated, bored, and irritated because it’s been a month since you have been on vacation.

Whenever you are not on the move, you feel like you are lacking a fresh viewpoint. You’d like to get out of the daily routine once more. You desire to leave your home and go on new adventures worldwide, whether it’s a tiny adventure or a long journey.

The prospect of a new journey must be sought, as it will provide you with new energy in the weeks and months leading up to your next trip!

8: You Have Friends Worldwide

Meeting new individuals is easy when you travel! You can meet individuals in hostels, cafés, and even on group hikes in the woods.

You may have made new casual Facebook connections, or you may never hear from someone again, and some people may develop into true friendships that last hundreds of kilometers after your trip is complete!

You know you’ll keep in touch with individuals even if you only spend a few hours or days with them. You have pals worldwide who you can visit and perhaps stay with for free thanks to travel.

9: You Love Reading Travel Blogs

You devote yourself to reading travel blogs instead of novels and thrillers, which motivate you to seek out new adventures and fantasize about faraway places.

You always discover exactly what you’re looking for, including helpful trip planning ideas, tips for traveling somewhere with a different language, the most popular activities in your chosen destination, etc.

Your only reading material is adventure travel literature. You also subscribe to numerous newsletters, follow travel YouTubers, and listen to travel podcasts to ensure you don’t miss an article.

10: You Have Different Currencies In Your Wallet

Different Currencies In Your Wallet

You’ve accumulated so many notes and coins in various currencies over the last few months and years that you could almost open a bank!

The new currency is added to your wallet after each journey, and your small collection continues to expand.

You take it home before squandering your remaining few dollars on frivolous purchases and unhealthy eats. You’d instead save it because you know you’ll be revisiting the same countries!

The Bottom Line

As much as we’d love to appreciate your wanderlust spirit, we can’t do that because getting addicted to anything, be it travel or drugs, are not acceptable.

Hence, you should identify if these signs match your traveling spirit and get yourself checked by a professional.

You can still take a trip once a year or once in 6 months, but