Adriana Lima Makeup Using NAKED 2 Palette

SO I just bought the new Urban Decay Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette, and i LOVE IT! I did an adriana lima inspired look using this 🙂 ENJOY MY BABIES!


  1. I love all your old videos Carli^^ ???? This look it's my go to makeup ??
    Kiss you from France ???

  2. love you think you are the best YouTuber and makeup artist out of all these girls you blow them out of the water you are fantastic big inspiration I've been watching you for years can't wait to see more looks you're such an inspiration

  3. Wow- you've perfected your carli bybel voice and body language so much since these days. Cant wait to see how much more you can improve on that in another 5 years. Ill check back in 2021. ✌️️

  4. your audio track was deleted!!! can you redo this video

  5. OMG you look so different! Come such long way! Love you!

  6. you look so different OMG 🙂

  7. This was the first video I saw from you and still LOVE the make up!?

  8. this is when she was the prettiest..

  9. I've been watchimg all of your old videos so see how far back it was that your signature ending was created. this is the video that started the kiss heart ending. I'm sick so I'll proabky be watching all of your videos seeing how far you've came is so inspiring. love you carli.

  10. It' be nice to see a Naked Smokey palette tutorial! I have Smoky and 2 and don't know what to do with all of the shades ? Oh! and (If you even read comments this far back…from your video the other day..I really want to see a powder foundation tutorial! I think you mention Tarte amazonian clay loose powder:) )

  11. can you do Inspired look form Becky G from the video can't stop dancin

  12. vid: "I hope you "ladies" enjoyed.."    me: feeling awkward

  13. Great tutorial. My daughter helped my husband pick this out for me for Christmas, as well as other Urban Decay shadows. 😀

  14. love this tutorial ! looks amazing 🙂

  15. can you do an updated Naked 2 tutorial? 🙂

  16. Carli could you please make more tutorials on adriana lima makeup?and contouring your face like her?

  17. I really love your hair what is this hair cut called? 🙂

  18. Does anybody know what brush she is using to put on the bobbi brown line? Tried searching everywhere, keep coming up empty. Let me know!

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