Adult Reviews Children’s Nail Art Product | Glitter Nail Swirl Art Kit


  1. I have the holo sexual and mine is xs and I made the mistake of not making sure it was right so I can’t wear it…….

  2. What is the tea she gets at Starbucks, does anyone know?

  3. The mechanics in that toy looked like a 2nd graders science project(no offense)

  4. i love this channel but i checked the nail polishes if i can buy them cheaper in black friday (today). its $96.00 FOR 6 NAIL POLISHES… and it makes it 384 TL for me to buy.. i cannot spend all of my monthly pocket money for 6 nail polishes… 🙁

  5. Christin:all 6 plus kids subscribe


  6. Cristine, your water marbles are much prettier than this… ?

  7. 90% 6:33 OMG MELANIE IM DYING
    5% You listen to Melanie
    4% Normies
    1% Me!

  8. Cookie swirl hehehehehn????????????????????

  9. you should try out num Noms nail polish maker see how that turns out

  10. My neighbor is a witch she can water marble….

    Cristine save me!!!!!

  11. My school sent me home for wearing that shirt

  12. christine should do a polish mountain of all of her glitter, shiny, and holo nail polishes!!!!!! like if u agree

  13. 6.34 christine:still looks like melanie martinez throw up on that carousel me:round and a round they go like a carousal puking everywhere!!!

  14. I know it is super late, and very late to comment on this video. But it was the only way to see where I could get merch! I wanted so bad!!! Now I'm asking for that this Christmas. ?I love your channel! Your so funny!THANKS for using your time and money just to make videos for us!BTW I'm a girl. Not a boy. Don't get fooled by the profile picture. ?Your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I know your not a fool, just saying it in case you actually get fooled)?

  15. OMFG ARE YOU A CRYBABY ???? I love you even more now???

  16. It might need batteries to make it spin

  17. Why is F*ck always blurred out but Sh*t isnt

  18. I got the "holo it's me" shirt. Bc holo is the best thing ever

  19. 6:23 Christine says gold is for gold diggers like your mom but she says oops so her video doesn’t get taken down you go girl xx love ya p.s can’t forget Ben

  20. Did Cristine just said "Melanie Martine" ? Oh my fucking god.


  22. And here began Cristine reviewing dumb af children's nail art toys

  23. If you look up holo sexual, and click on the first thing, you come up ?

  24. Holo????????????is the best!!!!!!!!!!

  25. How do you put on kids fake nails

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