Affordable & Beginner Friendly Makeup Tutorial!


  1. Love this makeup look!! Love those jumbo pencils look so easy to apply and have great pigmentation!! Ok IMAN I’m feeling y’all!!

  2. I have to get these products !!

  3. I am very impressed with this makeup products line.

  4. I love your content and all but can there be more spaced
    between sponsored/affiliate or single brand tutorials/looks. Even if it's sponsored I'd rather see those products used with others since most times no one is realistically buying all of one line. With the frequency of it the genuineness of the reviews becomes sketchy. Especially since most times we don't see them reused with other brands

  5. I'm extremely Happy you introduced me to this brand!

  6. Um…. I want everything you used in this video ? such a flawless look!

  7. Very pretty! I like that the lipstick matches your hair as well. TFS and God Bless!

  8. This is a very simple + affordable tutorial for beginners + easy going days. Going to check out some of these products.

  9. ♡♡♡♡Beautiful yet simple!

  10. This is a very good look on you….keep up all the hard work!!

  11. I love this!! Can't wait to buyy!!

  12. ?❤️❤️?

  13. YYYYYEEESSS????. Great Tutorial !.????

  14. Your hair really completed this look. Love it.

  15. I love this. I am usually so simple with my make up. I think this can work for me too.

  16. My favorite makeup tutorial by far… ??????

  17. I was just coming on YouTube to look for a makeup tutorial and you came through!

  18. My favorite product from this video was the setting powder and the bronzer was everything ??❤️

  19. I love my Iman stick foundation! It's definitely underrated.

  20. My name is Iman too?

  21. I love your channel . You are my favorite to watch . Keep up the good work

  22. I love the way your lipstick goes with your hair ?❤️

  23. I just found your channel loving the makeup hope you can check out some of my makeup videos on my channel. I would love to hear some tips. PS I'm so jellie of your hair I cant wait until my hair is fully transitioned.

  24. When u don't even wear make up but u watch anyway.

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