Affordable Fall Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

Hey guys, hope you enjoy this affordable makeup tutorial for the fall! I’m always on the lookout for affordable and good quality drugstore makeup so let me know if you have suggestions! This look focuses on incorporating cool tones into a smokey eye using the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette I designed with Morphe last year.

Loreal Primer
Loreal True Match
Loreal True Match Lumi
NYX Highlight & Contour Kit
Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette with Morphe (shadows listed above)
Loreal Smoldering Eyeliner
House Of Lashes
Anastasia Brow Wiz
Jane Bronzer ‘Inspire’
Elf Blush Palette
Revlon Lipliner
Black Cherry Lipstick


  1. Girl yaaaaaaaaasssss, revlon black cherry is an of staple in my makeup collection!

  2. Hey Jaclyn u r amazing I was wondering if u did a Halloween look

  3. Who else is watching in 2017?! ??

  4. I hope you do a new fall series. Maybe something with your favorite fall lip colors? I want to buy a bunch of different fall colors.

  5. This is such a pretty fall glam look! I would wear this everyday in the fall hehe

  6. Why is ur foundation so white u need a darker one

  7. can u do rainbow make up

  8. Jaclyn do you think you could do a tutorial with the Morphe 35N Palette? You r amazing and I love you.Great job boo


  10. idk i like cool tones on you better haha

  11. i've been stalking through your vids and you keep saying you have not found any drugstore brow products.. YOU HAVE TO TRY THE SALON PERFECT BROW POMADE. ITS SOLD ONLINE OR OM WALMART. PLS GET IT.

  12. I might have to buy Black Cherry again, mine was so patchy I couldn't even use it

  13. I love love love her eyes colour I seriously need an eye contact with the same colour ?❤️❤️❤️

  14. how do I add the jacket tack to my morphe order I don't see a place to do this pls and thank u

  15. Omg how did miss this one??

  16. Could you try using products that don't test on animals it's not that hard to find quality products that don't test on animals

  17. Does anyone know if those shadows are still available? I keep searching morphe and cant find them

  18. Am i the only one who watched the advertisement because it has the kid from Stranger Things in it?

  19. how can I tell if I need warm colors/cool colors etc?  I have no idea and I think that's why I'm not comfortable with how my make up looks.

  20. i literally just started youtube like half an hour ago and i also do makeup but idk if i should make tutorials…can someone go to my page and watch my video and let give me an opinion??? ? ill subscribe 🙂

  21. when you see jaclyn Hill using the highlighter you use ??

  22. such beautiful make-up tutorials

  23. Jaclyn I've been watching you since 10,000 subscribers! Still the same content I love… SLAY GIRL

  24. How come I try to do your looks and end up looking like a complete clown??? (Not the ones that are being arrested) Do you do classes?

  25. you are freaking gorgeous.!!!! your make up tutorials are my absolute favorite. !!! i just love youuu…

  26. Morphe bring back the Jaclyn's favorite pallet back!!?

  27. I like the fit me foundation by maybelline

  28. I know that this comment is literally a little over a year old,but I've been in bed sick with a terrible cold/flu like symptoms since yesterday and I've been watching Fall makeup tutorials all day..I love Jaclyn she's beautiful but I Always notice that is looks like she's Always wearing dark black eyeliner on her water line and into the corners of her eyes and even the top waterline looks very very dark All the time..Especially in this video..Does anyone else notice that? Or is it just me,or is there something I don't know..Even when she is bare faced and just starting the tutorial her eyes ALWAYS look like she's already applied dark black eyeliner..I don't know maybe these antibiotics the doc gave me this morning are making me crazy but like I said I've noticed it before and I just never said anything..I adore Jaclyn she is so stunning..

  29. Where can I buy that eyeshadow palette from? I can't find it on the morphe website

  30. I am in love with your top. So flippin cute. Love the makeup look as well.

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