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  1. rocking highlighters since 2012!!! love you

  2. Would love a New "Alena shishkova" tutorial.

  3. This was the first video I saw from you. You had 15,000 subscribers and I've been subscribed since this day. Crazy how in three years you're only 400k from 3 million! Love you since day 1 Carli!!!!

  4. you are my inspiration since i was a teenager! you were the first beauty guru i watched on yt and because of you i fell in love with make up! :))

  5. Алена Шишкова??Серьезно???

  6. Omg you look so beautiful. …. why did you lose weight for ?????

  7. I love watching your old videos! You really have grown and came a long way now your successful your so inspiring and beautiful your amazing love you Carli!

  8. you're better than her ? you're all natural!

  9. alena is an awesome name lol.

  10. This look is amazing on you!

  11. Holy cheese girl! You're stunning 🙂

  12. please which palette is this ???

  13. absolutely love this look on you..

  14. What if you dont have a eye criss

  15. I loved this makeup….you are really good at doing makeup. 😉 congrats

  16. You're prettier than her, and she's a result of surgery..

  17. How is your hair colour exactly ? You've got beautiful hair 🙂

  18. Seriously you are freaking goreous!

  19. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I've discovered Alena a few months ago and I agree with you in saying that she's one of the most beautiful women in the world. I'm so happy to have found a video of her make up! You're so beautiful too. 🙂

  20. Have you experienced "Ripped X Beast?" (Go Google it) It is a quick and easy way for you to bulk up fast.

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  22. She had plastic surgery, there is a before and after picture on the internet of her before plastic surgery and makeup.

  23. Hi there, have you considered "AcneverAgain" (do a Google search for it)? There you can watch a smart free video explaining how you can wipe out acne quickly. This helped Isabel to have attractive clean skin and pores in 4-8 weeks. Perhaps it will help you out as well.

  24. it would be so awesome, if you put what you were using down below.

  25. Carli.
    If you would honestly like to see one of the most beautiful women that will ever grace this planet…..please check out the YOUNG Elizabeth Taylor. She is what represents a TRUE WOMAN of beauty.
    Thank you.

  26. I have not even watched this video and I have already liked it….alenka shishkova is unreal!!

  27. stop acting like your black its annoying. and stop hating on someone your jealous of.

  28. Siempre me enkantan tus videos,para mi eres de las mejores,no agas caso a los malos comentarios y lo escribo en españos para que se den cuenta de lo que logras con tus videos…

  29. And what makes you think you are? I mean even your user name LMAO

  30. Your pretty and everything butt don't feel like u the shitt cuse u ain't

  31. I be straight Felexin on IG @diannabannana

  32. Follow me on Instagram @cupaaa lmao


  34. i love this tutorial of you doing her make up you've done a very good job. you look stunning *-*
    .. but its freakin' rude that people are saying alena is ugly and not beautiful.. of course she is.. whats wrong with you guys.. i mean its a tutorial video not about to leave bad comments and stuff.. anyways i love this video carli <333

  35. You've got the NATURAL BEAUTY that Alena doesn't 🙂 x

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