All About My Hair +Tips For Growing Long Hair

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Hi my loves! I wanted to post this video to discuss my personal experience with growing my hair! It has been a long bumpy road thats for sure. I figured I had to tell you all i’ve been through with this mane of mine. There were a lot of things that caused my hair to not grow for the longest time! These are just tips i’ve personally used that personally worked for me. Everybody has different hair so what worked for me may not work for you 🙂 I hope you enjoy this video! If you have any tricks or tips that worked for you PLEASE comment below! I love hearing other opinions 🙂 Love you muffins! XOX Carli

**PS I haven’t had my hair dyed since I had highlights put in a few months back. In October I had another keratin treatment and she put a dark brown glaze over my hair because the Keratin strips your color. I need my roots dyed so next time I dye my hair I will find out what color she uses! XO

*Biotin that I love: Here
*Scalp Massager Thing: Here

*I didn’t even mention extensions in this video because I wanted to focus more on how I grew my natural hair 🙂 BUT I still love and wear my Bellami Extensions! If you are interested in a pair, I recommend the 220g or the Lilly Hair. They are SUPER thick and luscious 🙂
(I am not wearing any in this video)
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Seen on Me:
Lipliner: MAC in Stripdown
& Lipstick: Limecrime Cashmere Velvetine
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  1. hi ms.carli.. im really ur very very good fan from philippines

  2. I have similar hair as you except that mine isn't as thick. I wear my hair different ways and because I need to run out the house early in the morning, I usually just wash and put it in a bun. Every now and then I let it air dry. I recently started using this great product for those hair out days! It doesn't leave my hair wet looking or not defined enough. My hair doesn't frizz and the curls dry defined. I can't rave enough abt this! Look for it at Ulta….I have found this fabulous product, Kenra Professional Curl Defining Creme 5 at ULTA

  3. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE Nicole Guerriero also Carli Bybel These Women are so Beautiful, I am now LOVING all these BEAUTIFUL Women on you Channels. I would so LOVE to meet Casey Holmes,Nicole Guerriero and Carli Bybel. These women are AMAZING.

  4. Deberia de tener suptitulo ?

  5. The reason hairdressers cut off abit more than you ask is probs cos your hair is more damaged than you think. They aren't gunna only trim it if you got 2 inches of nasty dead hair at the end. If you're trying to grow it you need to start fresh anyway and cut off the hair that is just going to break off anyway. Better to have your hair healthy and a tiny bit shorter than pay the stylist and your hair is still damaged. Why don't people get this? They know what they're doing smh

  6. Hi ❣ Can you make a video about the probiotics? ☺

  7. I did the same thing! the Japanese straighting, I hated it haha

  8. what shampoo and conditioner products do you use? x

  9. +carlibybel 100% agree with your theory! Xx

  10. I've been growing my hair out for 7 years and it grew so slow! I started taking the HSN by it Works (no, I don't sell it) and it flipping DOES work! My family and hairdressers keep saying, "wow your hair is getting so long so fast" I am like, ya finally sheesh.

  11. She looks like a kardasion

  12. I am so lucky my mom is a hairdresser cuz she does my hair and for my trims she literally actually does half an inch

  13. I need hair like yours Carli!! ?

  14. Wish I saw this before thanksgiving break ? told my hairdresser to have my longest layer right above my boobs and she cut all the way up to my shoulders ??

  15. Ugh, hair stylists with their own agendas! I've been trimming my own hair for the past decade because I got sick of "professionals" who cut off three inches when I asked for a half inch trim and then expected to get paid!

  16. What salon did you get your Keratin treatment also what kinda was it? I live in NY but will go to the moon for some good hair stylin! PS your hair always looks fab. xoxoxoxoxo

  17. that exact head massager is at Wal-Mart for $1 and comes in many colors

  18. That happened to me! Back when I was the new girl at my middle school I went to get a trim. My hair was almost down to my waist. I asked for a tiny trim, she cut my hair shoulder length. I ran to the bathroom and balled my eyes out. When I went to pay, the manager couldn't find her.

  19. LOL, I always see those ' scalp massagers ' because people who sell Mexican toys for kids sell them too ( they feel weird af)

  20. You look a lot like Emilia Clarke

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