All Matte Fall Makeup and Hair Tutorial

We all love an ALL MATTE FALL moment! I also have a cute everyday fall hairstyle for you guys too 🙂


  • Bumble and Bumble hair products used Here


  • Melissa Alatrrore X Nudestix Soft & Smokey palette $59
  • Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette $42 (Sold Out)
  • Patrickstarrr X MAC Palette $42.50
  • Fenty beauty flyliner $20
  • Lilly lashes in style Ela $30 Use code “christen” to save
  • Huda beauty matte primer $32
  • Dermablend Flawless Creator $40
    Shade:37 W
  • Beauty blender sponge $20
  • Guerlain terracotta bronzing mist $64
  • Benefit brow zing $32
    Shade: 5
  • Kat Von D Concealer $26
  • Lancome Loose setting magnifying powder $37


  1. these are the videos I live for! xx

  2. You are so pretty. Your makeup is flawless!

  3. Your face looks like a shit took a shit.

  4. Time for my Pumpkin Spice face.

  5. She looks like Adele in the thumbnail

  6. What color do you use to dye your hair ?

  7. Holy shit you’re gorgeous

  8. I came across your channel on trending and not even 30 seconds in and im like "yeah im going to try this look this weekend"

  9. Can someone please explain to me why it’s “quad” family but the bicep is shown? Drives me nuts every time I see a video, although I do love her videos

  10. Anyone caught what size that wand is she used to curl?

  11. Omg we have the same hairline! I’ve never tried using makeup on that area tho ?

  12. You look like a sims character in the thumbnail

  13. Omg you are sooooooo pretty!!! Love your videos ?

  14. What sex is Satan – I think I forgot…

    Have you a penis – or have you a twat?

  15. Love how you’re so mellow now in your videos.

  16. Where did you get the cutler iron ? ?

  17. Mmm your hot I love it raw mmm mmm mmm

  18. That she was sssniperwolf at first

  19. I really love troupe and mauve colour on you girrrrl!!!!!!!

  20. Fall makeup vibes!! It never gets old! Fall is the best xoxo

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