All the Beauty and the Beast Hairstyles!

All the beauty and the beast hairstyles from Disney’s new live action movie with Emma Watson. Now you can see a hair tutorial on how to do all the styles from the movie.

This has the half updo, ponytail, updo, and ball updo from the movie! These are fairly easy to recreate and you can totally wear them anytime you need a Disney princess pick me up! I hope you love these hair styles for dress up or cosplay! THey’ll totally work on long or medium hair.


  1. After watching this and trying the first two hairstyles I realised I'm VERY lucky to have Belle's kind of hair.My hair naturally curls away from the face at the front and it's slightly wavy with pieces that sometimes automatically come out of my ponytail XD
    Thanks for the video by the way.It looks perfect!

  2. I'm auditioning for Belle in a Beauty and the Beast musical this week and I'm super pumped!!

  3. Can you make the wedding hairstyle in a video?

  4. Please do desandants 2 hairstyles. Please Please

  5. Oh! I love it so much!
    Thank you for sharing?

  6. Why couldn't it just be in a bun instead of using hair pins

  7. Honestly, not only are you amazing at hair, but it's cool that you can interact with your commenters. Like, respond to their compliments.

  8. Beautiful! can't wait to try this for my photoshoot.

  9. I wore the half up do for a wedding this weekend, it's so lovely! It's great for us who hates getting our hair in our faces.

  10. you look kind of like emma (it's a compliment)

  11. love the makeup how did you do it

  12. I love this video!! It is so amazing!! My favorite hairstyles of all the hairstyles in the movie is the library bun.

  13. YESSSSS!!!! My sister would love this, she told me that for her b-day, she wanted ME to do her hair. and i've been watching so many videos. I love the star wars one and this one!!!! THANK YOU!!! U SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!

  14. i think its called a pompadour

  15. I always try doing it but it ends up looking dumb

  16. What about the hairstyle in the endscene with the flowers in it?

  17. Can you do the makeup in this video?? It's gorgeous! 🙂

  18. Loved all these! they were amazing. Can you please add the celebration updo, too?? That one was one of my favorites.

  19. i love your hairstyle for beauty and the beast and i was wondering how to do the celebration hairystyle

  20. Can you do her wedding hairstyle? Also can you leave links for all your costumes now and in the future

  21. What eyelashes are you wearing here?

  22. where did you get the costume??

  23. WOAH you look like Margot Robbie with a middle part and waves! At around 0:45

  24. I saw this movie, and I love your hair and makeup tutorials. You are Amazing!!!!

  25. when you just finished cutting off all your hair… WHY?!

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