Amanda Seyfried’s Oscars Hair Tutorial

What I’m wearing:

  • Earrings: Little Black Bag
  • Nails: Butter London Slapper with a matte topcoat



  1. How do you pin your pins in? Mine don't hold

  2. You dont focus the camera much on hair and the step you are doing.

  3. i love that hairstyle so i'm glad i found your video, your whole channel is amazing, the hairstyles are really gorgeous, i subscribed and liked you on fb immediately 😀

  4. If you have bangs, you can combine this style with the "Pretty Princess-y Half Updo" to make the front work 🙂 

  5. Wow! You are so beautiful! And I loved your hair tutorial 🙂

  6. I've seen this video when it was released, today I'm going to the wedding, kept this hair style in my head for today, going to make it 🙂 Thanks, Kelly!

  7. You are amazing, Kelly!!!!! Much love from Vietnam <3

  8. I did my hair in this style for a wedding this weekend. I figured it out after only a couple tries, and it came out really nice! Thanks for doing the vid!

  9. I feel you on this one. I find for greasy hair – dry shampoo helps quite a bit – try Batiste. Also, Not touching your hair makes a massive difference. I always find myself playing with my hair or touching it and that makes your hair get oily so fast. Braids! Braids! Braids! – they help so much with making your hair look cute, but in a way that keeps your hair in place. Kaley has so much braid videos that always look cute, you should check out her older videos, seriously…. she's a braid guru

  10. Wow! You're a pro with hairstyles! Unfortunately, I must be the worst doing updos to my hair…

  11. Gonna be doing my friends hair like this tmr!

  12. You should check out HairstyleConfessions on Youtube. The hairstylist has amazing videos in great detail. Go check her out.

  13. I would love, love, love an updated hair routine from you!

  14. do you rotate between shampoos? dr. shultz from dermtv here on youtube says your hair gets too used to the same shampoo. so you should be rotating between different ones, not all sulfate free shampoos are created equal. it took me a while to find the perfect one for me.

  15. you should use sulfate free shampoo

  16. Wow!! U have got beautiful hair…Love ur hairstyles, ur AWESOME!

  17. looks AMAZING with your hair colors

  18. You should do Milas hair in Oz The great and powerful ! PLEASE 🙂

  19. Oooooo I love this one too, lol. It looks like I am going to be spoiled for choice for my brother's wedding. Now I have to decide which one to go for, lol. Lee x

  20. I'm gonna second the motion for Jennifer Lawrence's hair from the Oscars? the Amanda Seyfried hair was gorgeous by the way!!!

  21. Thanks for your advice.My problem is that my flyaways are quite long and wawy even though my hair is straight.And when I put them in ponytail there are two parts on both sides of my front where they stick out.When I use gel or wax they stay a while but then they stick out and as they are stick together it looks like devil´s horns:-) :-(May be I haven´t just found the right products.I have also long hair at my neck,and if I make one side braid and forget to use a bobby pin, they stick out too.

  22. Looks even better on you! Gorgeous! 🙂

  23. Lovely hairstyle but for the love of god please stop saying "Go ahead" constantly.

  24. I love it! Please do a tutorial on Becca's half up do from pitch perfect

  25. Kaley has a couple videos on using Bobby Pins (they're in her Basic Hair How-Tos playlist), and in one of them, she suggests spraying the pins with dry shampoo. I find doing either that or spraying my hair with dry shampoo really helps the pins stay in.

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