Amber Jelly Nails with Gems

Suzie takes her Clear Gel with Under the Nail Design, and transforms them into beautiful two toned Jelly Nails adorned with Gems!

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  1. Is there any color you don't like having on your nails? I'm really curious 🙂 you look amazing with everything and can make every single color looking super on you

  2. I love her voice. I don't know why tell me if you guys understand

  3. You're so beautiful and talented ❤️ thank you for teaching us so many amazing things Suzie ❤️ I send you lots of love from Romania ❤️

  4. I would love for you to do a review on the Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel nail polishes!

  5. Nice work, as always! I am wondering now if you’d consider doing a set or an accent nail that imitates agate rock and/ or amber with an enclosed sprig of greenery. Thinking that’d be pretty cool!

  6. Because I’m basically obsessed with outlander, I bet you could do a dragonfly design with the amber top and wear it to a convention or just around. Dragonfly in amber nails

  7. This design makes me think of 1920's flapper fashion. I love it!

  8. I've always wanted to do nails, but you've pushed me to actually get started ♥️♥️ thank you

  9. Beautiful! reminds me of a canadian sunrise from the east coast, middle land, haven't seen a sunrise from the west coast in a long time but I bet it would be the same, just beautiful, like your nails! Luvs 'em?!

  10. I love watching your videos

  11. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!!!

  12. Cool Jelly nails tfs ?????

  13. I’m a male who doesn’t wear fake nails but I find your videos and voice so soothing. Thanks for being so chill

  14. I can't wait for the day you use that precious steam punk collection ??

  15. What color is on your right hand?

  16. I love your videos so much. you have inspired me so much to do my own nails and others!

  17. Suzie I think that yellow is actually really stunning on you! ? I love your videos sooo much and you are such an inspiration to me on my journey to becoming a nail tech one day! ❤️

  18. Absolutely love the Nail Colors especially the Orange color. Those are really popular now. Using clear acrylic and painting a clear Gel over them.

  19. I’m the first one to say first!

  20. If everyone likes this comment i want to see how many likes i get EVERYONE THAT SEES THIS COMMENT LIKE THIS PLEASE
    PS im not trying to get likes i just want to see how much we can get 🙂

  21. has anyone told you that your voice is so relaxing?? you should start doing sleep mediation videos!

  22. So pretty!!! Suzie is so creative!

  23. Lovely, and very unusual. PLEASE do a Goth design Suzie! We'd love to see your dark side. x (Hi Cameraman!)

  24. I love this is much!!! It reminds me so much of the antique stained glass windows!!! SO BEAUTIFUL????

  25. This is sooo pretty! I love you and your videos!!

  26. So pretty!!!! You inspire me sooooooo much!♥ya BTW can you review the bigger set of the kiss acrylic kit? I realy want a pros point of view!

  27. Love you suzie???
    Please pin this???

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