Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette Makeup Look

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  1. so sad that this is so old because I want this pallete so much. Love this look!

  2. I'm always afraid to do a bright colorful look and this made it look so easy! Amazingly beautiful ?????

  3. was that really your mom??? damn she looks the same age as you!! what's her dirty little secret for staying so young??? LOL I love that expression "dirty little secret " but for real though daaayyyyuuumm girl you guys are both gooowwwwgeeooouuusss. lol

  4. Omg your skin beautiful!!!! ??tell us what u use for skin care!

  5. black clothing suits you so well!!


  7. Love this look, cannot recreate it to save my life!

  8. fkn Katie! lol lurking across the room with tht face! ?

  9. Desi, will you pleaseee make a video with the Anastasia self made palette? It would make my life

  10. Ugh I lied I forgot about this one. This ones pretty perfect also

  11. Hey Guys i just posted a video using the Artist Palette and Created a really glamorous fun look i would love for you to check it out and subscribe if you like!! Hope everyone has a beautiful Day <3 <3

  12. Hi! I was just wondering how you had the text move with the palette?

  13. Soooooo pretty. I love that the shadow is called unicorn. <3

  14. I'm really not an eye shadow girl, but when I saw this eye look I just thought it was perfect! This look is really beautiful Desi.

  15. Bae, what brand/shade are you using on your eyebrows in this video? I'm platinum blonde & most "blonde" eyebrow products make them look so grey… Pleaaaaseeee let me know!! I love you!! #thankyousomuch

  16. What nail polish are you wearing? Btw you're gorgeous love your tutorials! ?

  17. Giiiiiiirl yaaaaaaaaaasssss! This look is liiiiiife!!!!!. ?????????

  18. Her mum look so fu*king young! XDD like she's 25 XDDDD

  19. My fav thing is the way you say "Anastasia" & " Yaaaaaaazzzzz"! Lol. I adore you & I've learned more from your videos than anyone else's ever! And there are a lot of gurus on YT these days! Love you!

  20. I really want that ABH single shadow in 'Elecrtro' but I'm not an Anastasia Pro Member 🙁 how do I get the shadow??? are there any dupes?

  21. +askyeff – What text effect is this on Final Cut Pro, that it follows her hand movement? 😀

  22. I love the eyebrow what you put on it?

  23. Love this video!!! Thank you Desi!!! My favorite colors too!?

  24. Gurrl I love you! I've watched this 10 times already never get sick of it. You're funny and extremely talented and this is my first comment on your tutorials but I've been watching you for years!!!? You're honestly the one person I'm inspired by, you're healthy eating lifestyle, drive and passion for success, absolutely everything about you I love and it all inspires me to to be a better version of myself. Keep doing what you do, continue to inspire and lastly I wish you nothing but success and happiness for you and Steven and everyone in you're life whom you're near to even Katy though she's selfish? It would be a dream to meet you even for you to read this comment and receive a reply! Love love love you all the way from Sydney, Australia?

  25. you are my favorite!!! does anyone know where her shirt is from??

  26. absolutely adore the way you edit your videos!

  27. This look, flawless. You're really talented. And the editing and filming of this video and definitely high quality. Kudos to the crew!

  28. How did you get the txt to move with the product? Love all of your editing!! And the tutorials duuuhh your gorg! ??

  29. You are so inspiring! Love your videos?

  30. Beautiful! Love the colors you chose for this look! I enjoy watching your videos!

  31. Desi! Where do you get your intro music? It is my fav!!

  32. haha I love the way you say Anastasia! lol Awesome look btw <3

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