Angry Birds Movie Nail Art Tutorial

Today we’re painting an Angry Birds nail art design in celebration of the new Angry Birds movie in theatres! Minnie will be showing you some of her nail hacks to create this incredible design! Any long-time cutepolish fans remember the Angry Birds nail design from way back in 2011? šŸ˜‰


ā˜† Nail Polish ā˜†

  • āœ¦ OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
  • āœ¦ Gloss On Top!, Cyan, Sorbet, O’hara, Starry Night: Picture Polish
  • āœ¦ Comet: Beyond The Nail
  • āœ¦ White Polish, Sheer White Polish, Yellow Polish: Minnie’s DIY polish

ā˜† Acrylic Paint ā˜†

  • Black, White, Yellow, Orange: Liquitex, Jo Sonja’s or Chromacryl

ā˜† Other Tools ā˜†

  • āœ¦ Nail Art Brushes: Nailbees
  • āœ¦ Triangle Vinyls: Bundle Monster
  • āœ¦ Dotting Tool
  • āœ¦ Makeup Sponge
  • āœ¦ Sticky Tape
  • āœ¦ Sandwich Bag

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ā¤