Animal Crossing Nails | Nerd Nail Series

Looking for a brand new DIY manicure that won’t cost you any bells? 😉 This Animal Crossing design is super cute and easy to do! It will look especially awesome while you’re holding your 3DS and playing Animal Crossing New Leaf! This DIY nail art design was highly requested by you guys!

Which nerdy nail art design would you like to see next? Leave a comment with your request!

Nail polishes used:

Love you guys! More videos on the way! 🙂


  1. LEGEND OF ZELDA!!! PLEASE do that for one of the next ones. (^////3\\^)

  2. love love love????????????????????????

  3. This is my absolute favorite game. especially for GameCube!!! these are soooo cute!

  4. YouTuber nails like Dan and Phil, Shane Dawson, Tyler Oakly, Markiplier and Hannah Hart!

  5. I love this so much! You are so good with nails! I suck with nail polish!

  6. Fallout3 or new Vegas? Oh or south park! Or something from the harvest moon series PLEASE! Also Could you also show how to do a double sided manicure were you paint the underside of your nail a different color then the top?

  7. can you do crossy road for your nails

  8. I wanna see her do nail art with her non dominant hand.

  9. can you do a gallexy watermarble

  10. This is so awesome! I'll never be able to do it but thanks for posting!

  11. POKEMON!!!!!!! Please!! And The Legend Of Zelda 😀

  12. Omg thanks so much Sandy!! Its my fave game too!!

  13. Anime!!! Please do Fairy Tail

  14. Yasss Animal Crossing <3 Keep doing this seris plz!!!

  15. Mario, pokemon. also you should do a super hero series.

  16. Please give me your friend code!! We can play animal crossing together!! I loved the tutorial!!! You're fabulous!!

  17. YAASSS! ANIMAL CROSSING! I actually requested this a long time ago, and you actually did it! YAAAAYYYY!

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