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Learn how to make macarons at home, easy dessert recipes by So Yummy.

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  1. I love cookies and my favourite animal is panta two for one

  2. Wtf. They don’t even tell you the measurements of the ingredients (but the animal macaroons are really cute tho)

  3. Я одна смотрю английский канал??? хотя я розгавариваю на русском и живу в Москве!!!

  4. Y u no add birds????
    Bird macaroons
    Although I think i know how to make them?

  5. Delicious cake how are you guessing

  6. Great Video! Can U Post More Like These?

  7. I wish l can eat all of them but would get fat ??☺️☺️??

  8. Omg macoroons kawis ?????

  9. They’re look so cool ???❤️

  10. Vay baboooooo lan biz tanesini 3 tlye alıyoruz mkq

  11. Also pugs and pandas are my fav lol

  12. Macaroons are my fav so I needed to watch this lol

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