Annytude Eyelash Collection Review!


  1. Hey Cuties! ♡ it's a quit long one but hopefully this is helpful for those who are interested in buying my lashes but aren't sure which style. I kinda don't like puting up this video because it looks like I'm trying to sell you something and I hate that. That's one of the reasons why I quit working at my previous job (In a makeup store). But I'm really proud of my lash collection and the work that goes in it! Hope you enjoy watching ♡♡♡ An

  2. I wish you the best, I'm a big fan!

  3. How much are they in US dollars and do you ship to the US?

  4. You are so cute!!!!! I love how it is your whole family! And yes, it is bows, LOL. SO COOL how you have your own products! You go girl!

  5. I like Fluffy and Fairy and Wary they look so pretty! ?????????❤???❤?????????

  6. You definitely just gained a new subscriber … love the tutorials ? are your eyes real ? If not pleaseeee share where you got them ?

  7. when is the style "fairy" going to be restocked?

  8. keep up with your amazing work. this video really helped me to decide which lashes I wanna buy . you are amazing???

  9. Just love that you started your own business and are so humble about it! You're such a gem in the beauty community on YouTube. I just have to thank you for being such a great personality and beautiful soul, and such an amazing artist! 🙂 <3

  10. Can you please put your hair down? Cause your face is long and i feel that if you put your hair in a bun it will even longer

    I'm not trying to make a hate comment or something , it's just my opinion

  11. You are so sweet and humble ❤️?? you should be very proud of your Lash collection. They are beautiful just like you.

  12. Im hoping next week i can make a order ❤

  13. feisty is literally ??❤️❤️ wish I could own them all!!

  14. I think when your recording you should let loose because it seems to rehearsed to me but it up to you I'm not judging you because your really good makeup.

  15. Do you ship worldwide? I live in Finland at the moment and would LOVE to order ? these lashes look stunning and I love the story behind them!

  16. These styles are ducking amazing ????? only brand to carry exactly the lashes I've been looking for

  17. I have a question. I've used your lashes twice now. What is the care of lashes from day to day? Cus I love your lashes but after wearing tbem mascara and glue are building up?

  18. These look SO GOOD? Well done An!❤?

  19. Thank you so much for this video I was looking for non mink lashes that looks beautiful… I was about to give up love from Dubai

  20. Hi Ann am Hanna am from Germany i love your work i always watch your channel and try to do the makeup look that you do .
    I would like to try your eyelashes but i am not sure which one i should try any advice ? Thanx

  21. Hi An! I was really hoping you could replicate a pair of lashes that are no longer selling from a different site. Also, the site uses mink lashes. If you could please help me that would be great! I couldnt find a lash style similar to this on your website. If not, I understand. I was just hoping if you were able to. The lashes are called "Kendall" from Lena Lashes. It is no longer available in the website, so I can definitely send a photo to you.

  22. You really have the gift for these kinda things….. I don't know why you don't have more recognition…..but time will tell I guess

  23. Going to buy so much of these lashes! Your channel is amazing and I am super excited to film videos with your lashes ?

  24. all of them are BE-A-U-TI-FUL❤️

  25. You're so cute! I can't wait for your next video!

  26. I am so embarrassed to ask these question….. But what's the price of your eyelashes?

  27. i loved all the styles and youre so organized and dedicated. i love it. keep it up girl

  28. Hi beauties! I finally started a makeup channel and would appreciate support from my fellow makeup lovers. I'd love to sub you back also. ?❤️

  29. They are all gorgeous styles. ?

  30. I've wanted to buy those for a while now but now I will for sure!!

  31. congratulations ??? so proud of you ???

  32. i wish your lashes were available in my country (Pakistan) I would love to support you!<3 My favourite lash is Fairy from your collection.???

  33. Wow, absolutely beautiful brand! Congratulations to you, Anny. I hope your brand grows exponentially. All the best, girl! 🙂 ❤

  34. i love this video it is very helpful

  35. Your Lash Company is awesome. They are all beautiful styles.

  36. This video helped me out so much..hoping to make an order soon!!

  37. SO BEAUTIFUL!! And yay cruelty free!??????

  38. you are so sweet and your english is getting soon good f anybody says anything mean to you they seriously can get punched in the face by me! youre trying and youre seriously doing soon great! i love you girly

  39. Do you send them to the US? I love these lashes and would love to have a few pairs!

  40. congratulations with your lash collection. they look so dramatic and flirty. are they cruelty free tho?

  41. The fact that you bring up the cruelty behind mink lashes is so AMAZING! So gorg lashes! Great video helps alot! Really have to buy some lashes now ??

  42. I just tried to order a pair of the mink lashes and it doesnt show United States as an option to ship to.

  43. I'm totally excited! i live for your makeup looks, I just ordered the sultry lashes ?

  44. Girl I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! and you are becoming one of my favorite youtubers. I have been interested in buying lashes for a couple weeks now and after seeing this video I will definitely be purchasing some! I think you are so cute and you seem very genuine and that is someone I would love to support! Your packaging is also adorable and I love that it is a family effort!!!

  45. Omg yasssss girl! I am so proud you! This is so amazing! I love the fact that your family is so involved with your lash business! I am about to order some I am sooo excited for you and your journey! ❤️

  46. it would help a lot if you would put your prices on your website in American dollar

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