Apply Chrome, Holo, & Mermaid Nail Powders PERFECTLY!

Hey guys! In today’s nail art tutorial, we’re going to be showing you how to perfectly apply special nail powders over both regular nail polish and gel polish. Watch as Juli transforms her nails with chrome, holo, and mermaid powders! If you have any further questions, please ask away in the comments 🙂 Love youuuu


  • Base Coat| KBShimmer ‘Basic Training’ Base Coat
  • Black Polish| Indigo Nails ‘Black’
  • Top Coat| Nails Inc ’45 Second Top Coat’
  • Chrome Powder| Indigo Nails ‘Metal Manix Chrome’
  • Gel Base| Kiara Sky ‘Base Coat’
  • Gel Dehydrator| Indigo Nails ‘Cleanser’
  • Black Gel| Uno by Gelish Mini ‘Classic Vinyl’
  • No Wipe Top Coat Gel| Indigo Nails ‘Dry Top Coat Super Shine’
  • Holographic Powder| What’s Up Nails ‘Holographic Powder’
  • Pastel Purple Gel| LeChat ‘Mystic Lilac’
  • Mermaid Powder| Indigo ‘Mermaid Effect’ Powder
  • Regular Gel Top Coat| Kiara Sky ‘Top Coat’

Other Misc Supplies:

  • Eyeshadow Applicator
  • Kabuki Brush
  • Lint Free Wipes
  • Orange Stick

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

CutePolish is the original nail art channel of YouTube. Sandi Crystal Ball keeps her fans on top of the hottest nail art designs, DIY nail techniques, and latest nail polish styles that are currently trending. She has been teaching them easy ways to pull-off impressive nail art looks since the beginning of 2010.

CutePolish has recently expanded to include 4 more of the internet’s top nail artists. Hannah, Juli, Minnie, and Miri have all joined Sandi to help bring new DIY nail art design videos every week.


  1. Hands up notification squad ?
    Hit that ? if you're late and want to be early next time ?

  2. I loved
    1. CHROME
    2. MERMAID

  3. Question. Anyone can answer!
    Do we need to use Black nail polish?

  4. These are awsome thanks I think I'll try these

  5. omg……my favorite is the mermaid one!!!????

  6. Im a simple person
    I see h?l? i click

  7. Is the nail polish wet when you put the powder?

  8. is someone else doing her nails?

  9. I am pretty sure thats not chrome…..just silver

  10. My favourite power is holographic and mirror powder. ?

  11. I like the mermaid one the best

  12. Yolo yall YOLO????❤

  13. I have the mermaid holographic powder.. I tried to use it with my regular (non-gel) polish but it just doesn't seem to work?? they ended up sticking like sugar on my nails without the holo-y effect. Can it actually work on regular polish or does it work only on gel polish?

  14. Hi where did you get the indigo chrome powder I saw some on eBay just want to make sure it's the right one

  15. I love chrome thank you now I can buy it ?

  16. no doubt all the three are sexy????

  17. I find the nail powder application so satisfying?

  18. checkout my worlds fastest rose gold chrome nail tutorial! Subed!!

  19. can u do a tutorial on how the hydracol works. it's the formula used to turn regular gel polish into gel nail polish. thank u

  20. I just clicked on it because of H?L?

  21. I don't have any of those powers I just use eyeshadow

  22. you can use liquid latex so you don't have to deal with the excess powder on your fingers

  23. Can you mix these in nail polish or do they have to be rubbed on top?

  24. Am i the only one that hates the way she says nails ??

  25. Can you use regular polish for the mermaid powder? Or does it have to be gel?

  26. No wipe gel for the mermaid effect powder? Or just regular because I know she said inhibition layer

  27. What if you don't have a curing lamp??

  28. so kiara sky top coat is the best for making sure the powder stays longer and doesn't chip or fade?

  29. Do they need to be gel black nail polish and gel base coat?

    Plz answer ASAP

  30. When the mermaid powder is 50 bucks

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