Are LED/UV Lamps Safe? – Suzie’s VLOG/Q&A EP3


  1. Top-notch quality video yet again! Suzie, you remain a gem on YouTube!

  2. i love you susie!!!! you seem like such a good person!!

  3. I can't believe someone asked about your teeth!?
    I think you are absolutely lovely…. so phooey on whoever asked that silly question!

  4. My nails twist pretty badly when they grow out. They also have pretty large horizontal dips and very sharp vertical ridges. I think this is why my nails lift every time. Funnily enough it's actually press on nails that last the longest on me. Or maybe I'm just better at applying those lol. Thank you for answering all these questions. I feel like there are so many myths and stigmas around false nails. I had to drop out of my nail tech classes due to my illness, so I never got my licence or diploma but nails are my passion still 12 years later. You're amazing! Love your work and teaching method <3

  5. I love you both!!! Suzie you are the cutest ever!! And your hubby has some serious talent, what a well crafted video! Much appreciation for you both!

  6. You have a beautiful smile. Don't let anyone let you think otherwise.

  7. I have a question for you Suzie: can gel or acrylic nails cause nail lifting (Onycholysis)?  One website about onycholysis said: "Other possible causes are injury to the nails, use of nail cosmetics, and aggressive manicures."  Is this true?

  8. I've seen nail techs with an LED light to light up their work space. If you do gel nails will that cure the nails before you put them in the actual lamp.

  9. Was just in Newport in the beginning of July! Love it there

    Edit: you're on the same route I went to and from Oregon. It's a good time

  10. Can you please do a video on how to clip off these Dom like dimonds I have on my nail. The top coat my nail tech used really glued them on. The dimonds get caught in my hair when I brush it. Really annoyed…. Want offff

  11. Her laugh when she got in the elevator I love you Suzie ????

  12. Wow, I can't believe you were asked about your teeth. Sometimes discoloring can happen due to impact and the nerve can be damaged. I just thought that might have been the case, but thank you for being so open and sharing. You are very beautiful! =)

  13. Why are people criticizing Susie? Just in general? She's wonderful and always so positive and kind. Even to rude questions, she has a smile and just the right level of sass.

  14. what a fun and informative video! I love your combined q&a/vlog style 🙂

  15. It might be a silly question, but will UV/LED lamps tan my hands? Cause those big machines you lie in to get tanned use UV light… (sry, english is not my first language)

  16. heyy Suzie, what is your favourite brand of gel-polish? And/Or which ones would you recommend for starters? PS: love your videos

  17. …. there's also no water on/in manicure tools but pathogens can be transmitted that way.
    I think more likely is that anything transferred to the polish is then encased in polish and subsequently rendered neutral.

  18. I'm pretty sure Suzie is my mother

  19. What a great one. Thanks so much for sharing ??

  20. Your videos are flawless. Not for a single moment do I feel disengaged. The production and editing is outstanding, the music spot on, and your personality is so inviting. You are one of the Youtube greats, that's for certain.

  21. ARE YOU ON THE MACKINAC BRIDGE??? I'm from Michigan and I took my first trip across it last summer. It was so much fun but also really scary. 😀 One day I will make the trip to Canada. I'm a total nerd for all things Michigan. XD

  22. Hello suzie, I have a question. Whenever I do gel nails, after a few days they start lifting. I do everything as instructed so how can I stop the product from lifting?

  23. Your teeth are great, anyone who says different can get a life

  24. the color scheme of this whole video was so on point

  25. cameraman did a great job on this one!!

  26. Hey Suzie ….I work for dentists…and all you have to do for your tooth is have a dentist give you internal bleaching on your tooth…actually a lot of insurance companies will cover it….just a little fyi…shouldnt cost much!! Hope that helps….

  27. I love your videos. They are so informative! Thanks for all that you do.

  28. ? The moment the Horn blows?

  29. Try the glass flowers as a nail design

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