ARE YOU MOISTURIZING WRONG?!? | How to Effectively Moisturize Natural Hair!!

Hey Guys!!! Moisturizing is something every natural needs to master! I hope this was helpful! Below is the direct link to get the scalp l brush 50% off! Thanks for watching and if you try this product out, let me know how it works for you!! 🙂



  1. Is that a dorm on FAUs campus ??

  2. Girl this video has helped me so much

  3. Can you do a twist out tutorial

  4. If butters don't penetrate.. is there a point in getting a butter that has a bunch of nutrients ?

  5. I had to come back & revisit this video.. Thank you so much for always sharing your knowledge with us! This video taught me so much girl


  6. Every time I watched your videos, I learn something new. Thank You ?

  7. Wow this was so informative, and very well explained I now have full understanding on how to take care of my hair. thank you thank you!

  8. How often do you wash your hair and how do you know when you're hair is dirty?

  9. omg!!!! i had oil in my hair… i was getting mad that is wasn't being exsorbed in my hair untilll i watched this vid

  10. Im starting my natural hair process (I cut off off the permed ends last week) soooo this is helpful, because my hair is dry so I really need to learn this.

  11. Very Helpful!  Thx so much!!!

  12. hi! New viewer here lol love your videos! You're so informative ? please let us know when you're selling that Shea mixture you make!! ??

  13. what if your leave in has oils and butters in the ingredients?

  14. I never use leave in, haven't discovered a good one yet, hair seems to be thriving without it though.

  15. Beautiful eyes, beautiful face, beautiful hair, beautiful attitude!
    Thanks baby girl, really appreciate it 🙂

  16. What product do you use for shampoo

  17. water and oil don't mix?!? ?

  18. This video really helped me. My hair is SO SO dry and it's hard to retain moisture. I'll take these tips for my was day. Thanks!!

  19. This stuff is confusing. I'm trying to learn for my daughter and it is to many different ways to do things

  20. Finally someone with small fine strands like mine .

  21. Do you know what your hair porosity is ? Your texture looks similar to mine

  22. You are so helpful thank you so much for the advice ❤️❤️❤️

  23. What video editor do you use???

  24. Your tips on how to properly moisturize your natural hair are on point! What is the porosity of your hair? Also, what category would your put the density of your strand under?

  25. hey Kaice do you know anything about water soluble products? apart from the ingredients how do you know if products interact with water well? i have heard how cantu isn't water soluble and I've been using it for months​ I don't know what product to use next, and I don't even know how my hair should look after a few days of Moisturizing

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