ARIANA GRANDE Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know !!!


  1. I hate it when people say air-iana rather than ariana, it makes me so angry!!!

  2. You have a line in your belly like Ari

  3. Ariana doesn't put mascara on her bottom lashes

  4. it's not Airiana its Ariana she isn't a air.

  5. You should do Nina Dobrev next Nicoletta! ! 🙂

  6. Anybody else bothered by "Airiana"????

  7. Could you please do ariana grande part 2 Like her 2017 look??

  8. Black mask is soooo painfull

  9. how she says Ariana= Ayeriyana????

  10. ok most of these are not hacks. I NEVER thought to put concealer under my eyes omg!!!

  11. yass omg i love Ari so muccchh xx

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