Hey guys! I’m really excited about todays video because it’s a Get The Look Type of video inspired by the new Ariana Grande Everyday Music Video! I loved her look in the video so I thought I would film this Ariana Grande Everyday Makeup Tutorial for you all! Hope you guys like my makeup tutorials and would want to see more Ariana Grande videos in the future as I love her to bits! – Roxi

Wig – Here
Top – Here

Maybelline NY Fit Me Foundation
Maybelline NY Age Rewind Concealer
NYX Cosmetics Love Contours All Palette
NYX Cosmetics Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner
Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara
Maybelline NY Great Lash Mascara
Velour Lashes
Rimmel London Lipliner ‘Cappuccino’
NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie ‘Push-up’

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Red Hare
Somerset House


*What camera do you use?
Sony A7s ii
*What editing software do you use?
Final Cut Pro
* What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?
Blonde – I get it done at the Salon.
*Where are you from?
I was born in Poland but have been living in England since I was 8 years old. I speak both languages fluently.


  1. Did you guys like this kind of video? I decided to do something new on the beauty spectrum of my channel! If you did don't forget to thumbs up the video so I know to do more… What celebrity 'get the look' should I do next? Love you all so so much! thank you for the constant support ??☺

  2. this is definitely YOUR COLOUR!

  3. Can you do the hair style ❤❤❤please❤❤❤You are the best❤?

  4. Why do you keep putting your fingers by your mouth and doing that weird open mouth thing?

  5. I got bangs to and i did make myself as ariana grande and now i look like her #twinsss and i look soo cutee like her

    Love you arianaa?

  6. omgggggg i didn't even NOTICED u in the beggining but noioo take of this color u are better with grey hair

  7. Oh my fuck*ing god!! you're so beautiful!!! So cute!!!

  8. with that wig she looks so much like gigi hadid!!

  9. Will I like the vid but I don't like Ariana so dislike

  10. Black hair would look stunning on u

  11. Don't have to look like Ariana……….?

  12. My makeup is really reallly really simple!!
    Concealer age rewind
    eyelash curler
    thats all but im doing a step forward and ill be doing the highlighter eyeliner contour and eyeshadow

  13. OMG where did you get the wig?? ♥♥

  14. #Snapsquad sent me love your videos Roxi ❤?
    You should definitely do more Ariana grande hairstyles and makeup inspired styles in the future

  15. You really look like Ariana Grande

  16. I like this make-up tutorial very much ❤ You're gorgeous, Roxi ?

  17. u look a really different person with Brown hair

  18. She does not look like Ariana grande

  19. WTF your so pretty with and without makeup!! xx

  20. Hi. Be positive. Put your worries into perspective. And love and thank those who you love.☺

  21. love your hair this dark with the fringe.i know its a wig but really looks stunning on you.

  22. you look so pretty with brown hair ;).

  23. Snapsquad? you look so cute, I love this xx

  24. She reminds me of Ahri from league of legends in this video

  25. roxxsaurus you are the best do selena gomez

  26. You suit this hair colour so much

  27. This turned out amazing!! Great job!! You're my new fav youtuber ?????

  28. You should go to brown hair, it looks really good

  29. your eyes look amazing with that hair color!! <3

  30. hey , I was just wondering , what shade was the Maybelline concealer ?

  31. always when I try this I look like an fail??

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