Aria’s Rocker Bandanna and Messy Bun from PLL

1:02 to skip the intro

What I used:
Hot tools 1″ Curling Iron
Conair Secure Hold Bobby Pins
Walmart leopard print bandanna

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt: Target
Earrings: F21
Nails: Essie – Mint Candy Apple

Foundation: Revlon Colorstay in Buff
Eyeshadow: Rimmel’s Quad in Smokey Brun
Blush: ELF Pink Passion
Brows: Elf eyebrow kit in Light
Lips: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Blush


  1. omg thank you for this awesome tutorial. I'm not so good with hair-tutorials but this worked , it look so pretty and is perfect for summer ❤

  2. could you please recreate one of keira knightley's hairstyles from the curse of black pearl?

  3. heej can you pleeeease do a tutorial on Kathrine Pierce curls ? 🙂 

  4. Exactly 200 comments… What a perfect thing to ruin MUAHAHA

  5. lizzie mcguire….. i loved that show XD

  6. Love it doing it riiiiiight now!:)

  7. Can u please do an outfit video for the same episode you got this hairstyle from?

  8. I have the same bandana and I got it from Walmart for a dollar too!

  9. Thaaaaaaanks 😉 I like it

  10. I have seen so many of these tutorials and your is by far the best :3

  11. That moment when you post this comment to gain likes ._.

  12. lizzie mcguire circa 2001 hahahha

  13. Can you please do a tutorial on Hanna's hair in episode 18 in season 1? (When she's in the bathroom with Caleb)

  14. I'm not that much of a headband bandanna type of person… I don't like bandanna's or headbands in general… I came here for the messy bun! 😀 haha! Thanks for this tutorial! ^_^

  15. I really like this look its super cute!

  16. I have super thick hair, so I used two ponytails 🙂 I just make the first ponytail a little loose so it's not super slicked back 🙂

  17. it also totally works with a headband 😀

  18. no more pll tutorials?! i'm crying :'(

  19. Super cute.
    And can I just say, you are gorgeousss!

  20. another hairstyle u can do for people is lady gagas hair bow its really cute and goes with everything except for mabey something formal but its really cute and u should make a video for it

  21. loooooooooveeee ! i addicted to bandannas ! i love this looks thank you sweet heart !

  22. Great video. I like the side bangs. It gives a softer look to your style.

  23. Do you have any suggestions for hair to wear to six flags with all the rollercoasters and everything? I hate wearing my hair just down or just in a pony.. HELP

  24. I like it better when your bangs are curled and left hanging. 🙂

  25. Thanks so much for this tutorial! Saved me!:L

  26. she is my favourite hair tutorial guru by far 😀

  27. I look like an asian monkey with a center parting. >.<

  28. Love this. Some of the styles you do are so simple, yet nothing I would think of myself, so thanks for being the brains of the operation 😉

  29. have you ever thought of doing One Tree Hill looks? I know the show ended but they had some serious good hair-do's!

  30. you look so much like jojo. 🙂
    and i love your videos!

  31. OMG i just found your videos and I love them. i have now watched like 7 and subscribed. You are way better then Elle and Blair why arent you the really famouse one?

  32. Yay! Just tried it! Took me ages though! Looked really cool! I wanted to do this look for my school, but they don't allow bandanas. 🙁

  33. do some hairstyles from vampire diaries

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