Arizona Green Tea Cherry Blossom Nail Art

I decided to create a new cherry blossom design for this spring! i have one from a couple years ago, but i wanted to do a new updated version that was inspired by the logo of arizona green tea!

products used:

  • china glaze refresh mint
  • opi shorts story
  • opi pink friday
  • black striper


  1. watching in 2017.. such a big change..

  2. The arizona can was exactly what i was thinking of when i looked up cherry blossom nail tutorials……

  3. OMG so perfect nail in 1secent tis is so cool !!!!!!???

  4. Was simple and easy to do i loved it!

  5. This was my first cutepolish video I watched and I've watched every video since. Love you!!??????

  6. omg i love arizona green tea its my favorite and i love the nail desighn too!!!!

  7. really cute! reminds me of japanese trees!

  8. Sorry but the music is NOT by Macleod, he just played it. This piece is from Erik Satie and it's called Gymnopédie.
    Your nail arts are cute though 🙂

  9. Love "Gymnopedie" in the background, one of my favorite piano pieces 🙂


  11. I put up a spring flower nail tutorial if anyone is interested.

  12. This is so awesome but I am not going to make this on my nails but on a phone case!?

  13. That drink sucks, but this design is awesome:)

  14. This is my love perfect vid

  15. I love your channel, but PLEASE do more Hunger Games nail tutorials!! ??

  16. Your videos are so inspiring and when I get home that is what I watch

  17. Can u do a cheer leading nails plz? 🙂

  18. I love it. I'm going to try it.

  19. +Maddie vargas it does sound like tht!

  20. Tried it! Turned out nice (:

  21. I'm drinking Arizona right now?

  22. did anyone try this and how did it go?

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