Attach Crystals Onto Your Nails Perfectly!

Ever wonder how to perfectly attach crystals and large embellishments and decor onto your nails? This nail tutorial is for you! April will be sharing how she perfectly attaches Swarovski crystals and large nail decor onto her nails for the best hold.


Crystal Glues:

  • Brush on Resin by Ocean Nail Supply
    Resin Glue by Mr. Nail Art
  • Spray Activator:
  • Nail Glue Dryer by Hurry Up!

Adhesive Gels:

  • Stick On Gelly by Daily Charme
  • Stick On Rhinestone Adhesive Gel by Cre8tion

Large Embellishment Gels:

  • Stick On Jewelry Adhesive Gel by Cre8tion
  • Gel Play Bling On by Akzentz
  • Gummy Jelly by E Nail Couture (used in video)
  • Stay Put Gelly by Daily Charme
  • Gossip 4D Gel by Ocean Nail Supply
  • Crystalline Tool by Crystals for Nails
  • Top Coat by The Gel Bottle

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

CutePolish has recently expanded to include 4 more of the internet’s top nail artists. Hannah, Juli, April, and Becca have all joined Sandi to help bring new DIY nail art design videos every Monday.


  1. Hey – it's Sandi! I wanted to share that ever since April told me about using nail resin + a spray activator for attaching Swarovski crystals, my life has changed! The crystals seriously stay on my nails forever and the nail resin does not eat through the backing of the crystals (which dulls the shine and colouring). It's INCREDIBLE stuff… a must have! Here's the nail resin and activator that I'm currently using and loving from Amazon:

  2. Can I just say…. WOW! I loveeeee them their absolutely gorgeous but can u also do the thumb please next time? thnx


  4. Sorry i mistakely typed (tgese) sorry these*

  5. Very nice what is the colour of the nail polish doesn't say in discrimination ?

  6. I have a question! How does the gel cure when the crystals are on top of most of the gel? Doesn't it block the light from getting to the gel?

  7. I love the nail color….is it mentioned anywhere??

  8. Does anyone know which polish that is? ;w;

  9. I love the nude color on your left hand. What brand was it?

  10. the ad of 1.30 mins before the vid was a fun surprise!

  11. Love you Cute polish
    And love your nail arts ❤?❤

  12. I have tried e-nail couture's Gummy Jelly (with Shined)… It's not worth the $$, time, nor effort! Plus, asking any questions… Forget it with this company. All I got was insults about how I wasn't using it right, even though I totally used it 100% according to directions. ??

  13. Such a helpful video Sandi…..!!! ???I just loved it…. ?????????????????!!!

  14. Do you have a link for the floral embellishment

  15. Gorgeous! ??

  16. Yes!!! Because we all have those things to do this with!!!!

  17. Could you do another back to school nails please

  18. Love the color, what polish did she use?

  19. “I only use Swarovski crystals” okay your rich lmao

  20. Is April New? Her accent was a little hard to understand at moments but I'm sure I can adjust with time.

  21. Please do easy beach vacation nails

  22. This is honestly beautiful!!! ???

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