August Favorites – Growing my hair, best hot tools, and skin care!

Products Mentioned:

  • HairFinity*: Here
  • One n’ Only Argon Oil Dry Scalp Treatment Here
  • NuMe Megastar Flat Iron*: Code MEGASUMMER for $110 off! Here – or “numesummer50” for 50% off
  • Sleek Face Form in Light: Here
  • First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask*: Here
  • Sarah Beth Yoga: Here (tell her I say hi!!)


  1. what's your favourite 25mm curling wand?

  2. Kayley. where do you by the face mask thing?

  3. This is the first video I have watched from you and I already love you ?

  4. Wow your hair is so amazing and inspirational! You should shoot for knee length or at least classic length 🙂 Keep us updated on the length!

  5. My friend has done yoga for years, she watches Yoga with Adrienne!

  6. I have heard that hairFinity has been known to make people breakout. There are a few videos and reviews that I have read.. Is there any truth or possibility as to why it could happen?
    (But your skin looks sooooo perfect!! I would love to know what you do or any secrets you have found)

  7. I agree on the yoga. Not only does it help me become energised but it helps my aches and pains that I get from sleeping in bad positions. I have been doing yoga routines that Tara Stiles does. I will look into the girl you mentioned too though. I could do with someone who goes slower because I am way slow, haha.

  8. How much is hair infinity? I would like to try it out because my hair is soooo horrible

  9. You are so beautiful and I would love to meet you u are fabulous ya hair and you are SOOO sweet

  10. Yoga: Jen Hilman. Amazing! She's perff!

  11. Has she done a tutorial on her hair (like it is in this video, with the flat iron and so) yet? 🙂 

  12. You're so beautiful Kayley! I love your videos, they help me a lot. 🙂

  13. OMG I want ur haircut! What did u ask ur hair stylist for (if u go to a salon) ??

  14. Check out Blogilates. Though I would recommend going to a few traditional pilates classes, she does a good job teaching form and breathing. Also, she is way too happy, but her perky attitude really helps during those difficult poses:P

  15. As for youtube yoga i really like yoga with adrienne, she is so funny and seems very genuine person and has very good eady to medium advanced level sequences. I like that she is not as all or nothing like some others when it comes to perfect alignment

  16. As for youtube yoga i really like yoga with adrienne, she is so funny and seems very genuine person and has very good eady to medium advanced level sequences. I like that she is not as all or nothing like some others when it comes to perfect alignment

  17. Oh my gosh I want your hair! It looks so soft! Mine is so dry I'm jealous

  18. Please do a tutorial on the three flat iron techniques you mentioned! Also, if you like pilates you should try blogilates. She's always a lot of fun.

  19. #KayleyMelissa have you watched the video called "why i stopped taking hairfinity"? I haven't but I figured since you're taking it you might wanna hear her story.

  20. Thanks for the suggestion on SaraBeth Yoga's channel. I just watched a few videos and she has a nice, calming style and excellent form. Be been practicing at crow pose and found Neil Keleher on YouTube, as well, which may interest you. He had a different style, but has many helpful and different tips.

  21. i dont have money for that hairfinity stuff wtf it's so expensive

  22. My favorites this month were the book The Fault In Our Stars, Rimmel concealer, Gap jumper, my vacation trip to Scotland, Faro's beach in Algarve (south of Portugal), the film Confessions of a Shopaholic, lip balms, Macadamia oil treatment and the song Let Your Life Shine Down on Me by Bethany Dillon

  23. Is it possible that the itchy scalp is a result of the hairfinity? Various consumer reviews on amazon said they experienced a itchy scalp when using that product.

  24. You have amazing hair! I am also doing yoga online, you should try Yoga with Adriene and BrettLarkinYoga . They are both great, Adriene has also basics of yoga videos which is good to remind yourself on aligment for poses and i love to do energizing morning yoga sequence with her. Thanks for recommendations 🙂

  25. Hey Kayley! I love your hair! I was wondering; is curling your hair with a flat iron worse than with a curling iron? I love the way it looks with a flat iron but it seems more damaging to me.  Thanks! Christina

  26. If you get the chance, please post a video showing how you style your hair in different ways with a straightener. I love your tutorials and I love all the pics you showed of your hair styled with a straightener so it would be awesome to get a full tutorial!

  27. can't get hairfinity in Greece :(…

  28. Hey Kayley! Can you recommend any other products for hair growth because I believe the biotin and hairfinity are pills..? And I'm really really scared to death when it comes to pills. I don't want super fast magical results but I want it to grow out healthy without dry/split ends, because otherwise I end up cutting it back to the length I started growing out from. xox thanks!

  29. What happend with your second channel?

  30. can you show how you do those kind of really loose curls with a flat iron?

  31. Kind of a weird question but I heard that hair growing pills can also make the hair on your body grow thicker/faster, have you experienced that? Cause thats the only thing that turns me off about hair growing pills lol 

  32. While watching this I was keeping note of everything I wanted to try out, and then I realized that my list was exactly everything you said! Can't wait to try it all out! (:

  33. Tone It Up and Fitness Blender on YouTube have the best fitness routines that are free and results are super fast!! You will love them!

  34. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!! <3

  35. You should do a tutorial on how you did your hair the 3 different wars 🙂

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