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5 Cold-Weather Hair Care Tips

Cold-Weather Hair Care

Winter is coming, which means there are probably a few changes happening in your life. In addition to braving the depths of your attic and resurrecting the holiday decorations, chances are you’re probably going through a transition period with your…

How Important is Exercise, Really

How Important is Exercise

Let’s try to understand how important is exercise. We’re all reminded constantly by the media, government campaigns, and health organizations that we need to do more physical activity. The problem is, does anyone actually take notice? Or do we simply…

11 Ways to Look Good Without Makeup

Look Good Without Makeup

Tired of dedicating a huge portion of your morning routine to slathering your face in makeup? Thankfully, the past few years have shifted the focus from makeup to skincare, prioritizing skin health and wellness over covering up perceived flaws. Here…

GHK-Cu Research and Benefits


Although GHK-Cu was first discovered in human plasma, it has now been detected in other bodily fluids, including saliva and urine. Naturally occurring copper peptides are very short protein sequences with a strong binding affinity for copper ions. GHK-Cu’s many…

Guide to Covering Injury Scars

Injury Scars

Scarring due to an injury is challenging to cope with on its own. However, if you’re suffering injuries due to a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, you need a truck accident lawyer as you may qualify for compensation. But…