Baby Shower Nail Art

Learn how to create a cute little rubber duck on your nails. This design would be perfect for baby showers! Switch the blues to pinks if it’s for a baby girl 🙂


  1. How do you keep from the art smearing when applying a top coat

  2. All your creations are so fabulous.

  3. Like ur nails ,because its so amazing.:-)

  4. So cute! 😀 I try these when I can do more with my nails than now. =)

  5. Amazingly adorable!!! Its so cute

  6. Wow! So cute! you only wear each design like once I think cause you have so many designs.

  7. please could you tell me the name and brand of the blue background color?(:

  8. Inspired by Pewdiepie LOL 😛

  9. Can you please make a girl baby shower design? And a boy too?!! 🙂 Love this one btw!

  10. Can u make a girl baby shower design

  11. I think if you put white and then yellow the colour would stand out more.

  12. Do a nail polish collection video

  13. Her voice sounded so different then

  14. I am so happy that she took her channel to extreme I love her channel

  15. i think you should just mix pink, red and white (just like how she did)

  16. Do the same bubbles but for the main color do pink

  17. My aunt is having a baby shower this weekend on Saturday and it's a girl! Yay! So what should I do for the bubbles for a girl? I know to switch the background to pink but what about the bubbles?

  18. Wow def gunna do this to my friends nails for her baby shower in 2 Weeks! Yay!

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