Back to School: Apple Nail Art

A quick and easy manicure that’s perfect for your first day back to school!


  1. Omg I remember watching these all the time when I was younger and they're just as methodical as I remember XD

  2. Omg I did this and everyone asked me to do their nails

  3. U r my favorite I love all ur designs…..u have so many that I don't know which ones to do first, lol. Thanks for keeping me occupied, lol.

  4. Could you use acrylic paint instead of polish.

  5. I tryed this and, It dident turn out so well xD But this was my first desined nail art xD

  6. this helped me so much! Thank you!

  7. This music sorta sounds like Cooking Mama XD

  8. I really like your nails how do u do it. I'm so obsessed with you

  9. oh and subscribe to my channel oh ya I don't have one! D: ;'{

  10. do a princess nail art please

  11. I love all these videos! <3 Nail Polish!

  12. I like ur nailpolish and ur dezin

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