Back to School: Chalkboard Nails?!

Have your nails looking fun and unique for back to school with this chalkboard nail art design!


  • Option #1: Chalkboard Manicure Kit by Ciate (found at Sephora!)
  • Option #2: OPI Black Onyx, Essie Matte About You, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White

I hope you guys have a wonderful year back at school again! 🙂


  1. You might do a chess design with that white marker it would look awesome isn't it

  2. where you buy the chalkboard nail polish from I want to know because they are so amazing I want to buy them?

  3. رووووووعه حلوووووين كتيرررر ☺☺?☺??????

  4. Can we erase it like blackboard

  5. Cool but what if you don't have it?? And it's a marker so ya!! Oh you also told us how to do it if you don't have what you need!!!!! This is so cool I love your videos but you make it seem like it's easy but it's kinda not even to get the stuff?!!!!

  6. can I use matte nail polish for the black color?

  7. that is so cool!

  8. I like the way you do that
    good jod girl ??????????????????????????????????

  9. Oh thanks for saying have a nice day

  10. Can I use my base coat as a top coat??? Please answer asap
    Ty ty

  11. I love the one with blue dots best

  12. Where did you buy that I will love to know pleaseeeee

  13. This looks so easy but I had to do this for like 2 hours and it still doesn't look good

  14. Where would suggest looking for the kits & how much are they????

  15. how do you get your nails so boxy?

  16. +RandomnessLOL I know right so pretty

  17. Her nails are in the perfect shape… Sigh of jealousy…

  18. I was dying while watching this!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    Abigail~ xxx?

  19. You can also draw with Sharpies!

  20. The best video is the emoji video my favourite emoji is laughing till you cry wow love the video

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