Back To School Nail Art

♥ Again, I am working on some of the top requests. You guys wanted a cute back to school design, and here it is! The idea was given to me by a YouTube user by the name of Pinkypopgirl. She thought lined paper nails would be perfect for back to school, and I completely agree! Enjoy you guys! XOXO

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  1. I do this every year for back to school and I love it! ??

  2. totally MAKING these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  3. I love it.Keep up the good work

  4. Y is there always back to school nail art but never end of the year nail art

  5. Why do you do it so fast just slow down.

  6. Well that's essay!

    I'm so corny. XD

  7. çok güzel kalemli dahada güzel

  8. hey guys!
    Just uploaded my first, own nail tutorial please check out & maybe leave a comment, thanks!

  9. I remember doing these nails when I was staring middle school! Everyone loved them 🙂 now I'm starting high school and in remembrance I'm doing them again! <3

  10. QUESTION: How do you get better at painting with your left hand if you're a rightie? My left hand usually looks good (b/c i paint with my right hand), but my right looks awful because I have to paint with my left! Help!

  11. These I try when I have finally orange!

  12. Victoria styles if u go to Cutepolish playlist u will find 1 DIRECTION NAILS

  13. One Direction Nails Pleaseeeeeeee<3

  14. It looks like orange but I still like it I would try it but I don't have any of those colors:(

  15. Where not allowed to wear nail polish in school but im gonna try this anyway its really good and acc looks like paper x

  16. its very nice I love it so much Thank you

  17. The L.A. Art Deco Nail Art color is actually called Sky Blue. Just in case anyone was wondering.

  18. can plz cheek out my channel thx and people watch it plz

  19. yea cos all the stripes he wears

  20. instant fan

  21. GOOD GOD YOUTUBE! The last comment I posted was for Sindy Casimir and Sindy Casimir only. YouTube won't let me reply -.-

  22. Did you happen to notice that I posted that comment on August 29th? I meant that comment as an "oh crap, it's school time already" not a "la di da im in school so im gonna be annoying about it!" Next time, check when the comment was posted before replying.

  23. I know people hate these comments, but please just give me a chance.

    Hello! I just started a nail art channel, and I know my video qualities aren't the best but I try really hard and I'm getting a better camera soon! Maybe you'll even be inspired to try it yourself! Thanks for giving me a chance, I'm open to any tips and tricks!

    xoxo Silver Shimmer

  24. does it work with a toothpick?

  25. I love your nail art but why are you talking so slow and so board like

  26. I love your nail art, i have to say i am obsessed with my nails! it'd be cool for you to do my nails! you do them so much better!

  27. This remind me in Louis Tomlinson from One Direction

  28. I did these nails and they turned out great! 😀

  29. and another red stripe and they become louis tomlinson nails

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