Back to School Nails: The Ultimate Guide!

Back to School Nail Art! Looking for some DIY Nail Art for Back to School?! I have 10 different DIY easy nail art designs for you to choose from for back to school! Which DIY nail art design is your favorite? Let me know down in the comments!

This Ultimate Guide contains 10 easy nail art designs:

  • Newspaper Nails
  • Ruler Nails
  • Lined Paper Nails
  • Pencil Nails
  • Apple Nails
  • Piano Nails
  • Chalkboard Nails
  • Globe Nails
  • Calculator Nails
  • Backpack Nails

Wishing you a lovely first week back to school! 😀


  1. I happen to love all the designs. I have in fact done a few of your designs. Keep them coming!

  2. It feels like summer just started and now I'm going back to school????!!!!?????????

  3. Is anyone else watching in 2017?

  4. I loved dat calculator design ???

  5. my fav is reo apple and calculator ???

  6. My favourite was that globe design

  7. "Hey teacher, what's your favourite nail art design?"

  8. Aww♡♡..but we r not allowed to apply nail polish to our nails while gng to skl 🙁

  9. thankyou I will definitely try it

  10. I like the pencil and the lined paper one!

  11. trinity my favorite was calculator art

  12. I like the apple and pencil?✏️

  13. Can u try mascara for the ruler

  14. any substitute for rubbing alcohol

  15. Thank you cutepolish! I may actually do some of these, (if I don't fall asleep or get hungry halfway through)

  16. The backpack doesn't look like a backpack it looks like an upside-down toothbrush

  17. my favorite is lined paper i do that but i using tape for the line…

  18. The beginning of the apple looks like a red butt

  19. Watching in 2016… Miss this <3

  20. the paper and pencil are the best do MORE

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