Back to School: Pencil Nail Art

A cute and fun nail art design for back to school!


The pencil nail art from Glamour magazine was designed by The Daily Nail.


  1. love it so much:-) 🙂 🙂

  2. just did this. left the thumb all white with light blue pin strips to look like paper

  3. I was thinking that if you paint your right hand with the erasers facing the cuticle and your left hand with the pencil tops when you put your nails together you'll get a full pencil! 🙂

  4. I want to do it but I have no yellow orange or brown

  5. I tried that and I wore it to school and said that was cute

  6. I would love to do recreations of you wonderful nail art but my mom won't let me buy and nail polish and if you ask I'm 10

  7. Dear Cutepolish/ Sandy, is there a possible way that you can create Halloween nail art with candy corn, Jakolanterns, ect.

  8. You are so talented. I love you! You are my nail model!!???

  9. It's much easier if you just leave the tape on and do the black tip and then take it off
    If your a beginner or u don't have a still hand

  10. How can I make the oranges color? Like what colors could I mix

  11. nail polish is banned in my school. fuck ??

  12. Omg this so wonderful im a senior in high school and im going to be artist this is a great start!

  13. heya great feed back from everyone! xx Love you girl !

  14. nail art perfetta per un rientro scolastico con i fiocchi

  15. I am making this thanks so much

  16. i did it cause registration is tomorrow!! yay thx

  17. Please make more back to school if you can!

  18. My mouth dropped when I saw how easy this was. I'll ask my mom to do my OWN nails and I love this video because it all BACK-TO-SCHOOL stuff. Thank you soo much! <3

  19. I love how she said graphite not lead.

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