Back To School Series: Fashion

So this is another part of my back to school series and todays video is all about fashion. I wanted to show you all some basic pieces that i feel are outfit essentials for school fashion. I really hope you found some ideas to take with you as you go back to school shopping. Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments below!


Outfits shown:

  1. Top-American Eagle
  2. Striped Sweater-Target
  3. Sweater- Target
    Lace Tank-Target
  4. Scarf-Target
    Sweatshirt-Victoria Secret
  5. Jean Jacket-American Eagle
    V-Neck-Victoria Secret
    Skirt-Charlotte Russe
  6. Sweater-American Eagle
    Tights-Pac Sun
  7. Shorts-Pac Sun
    Top-Pac Sun
  8. ON ME:
    Dress & Earrings-Target


  1. Watching baby tess is giving me all the feels

  2. Wait… How do non- Midwesterners say "boots"? O.o

  3. can u do a primary school hair do video I'm having trouble and running out of ideas 🙂 thanks tess

  4. Cool 🙂 here is what I wear to School I wear Pink Skirts, cool Fancy Jackets and Blazers, for Tops Blouses knit shirts and Colorful casual V- Necks, Fancy and Cute Boots and for bottoms I wear casual Blue Jeans and Colorful Jeans.

  5. sorry remove the coment i wrote if you want I have rewrite it

  6. Cool 🙂 Here is what I wear ok so I wear Pink(cause it is My Favorite Color),Fancy cool Jackets and Blazers, Pink Skirts, Fancy Cute Boots, the top is Blouses, Knit Shirts and and sometimes Colourful casual V-Neck tees, 4 bottoms I wear Causal

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  8. How do you wear an unusual clothing piece in different outfits? I love dark skinny jeans aswell, but when they are faded I just dye them with clothingdye so it looks brand new 🙂 Or if I find a cheap comfortable jeans but I don't like the color

  9. Thank u so much! I have watched alot of these videos and they either arent my style or arent made for cold cliamtes and ur video helped me so much to know what to buy freshman year!

  10. Non my school I live in England and we have to wear school uniform

  11. Colorful keds or vans can be found at Journeys. I LOVVEE Journeys. You are so pretty too! 🙂 good video 😀

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  13. We have like the same style. I couldnt stop laughing when you showed your convers… because I have a baby blue pair of hightop convers that look just like yours because I wear them so much.
    I love messy casual hair and dress style. Love your videos!♥

  14. You look like Imogene from Degrassi.

  15. It'd be cool if you did a more recent back to a school 🙂

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