BAKE Your Own 3D Ghost Nails!

Nail Art for Halloween! Today’s nail art video is going to show you how to create your very own 3D Ghost Nail Art design! That’s right.. I’m going to show you how to bake your own 3d ghosts that you can use on your next spooky, Halloween nail art manicure!

You can find the oven hardening modelling clay at your local craft store. There are tons of colors and the prices range from $1-3 dollars! Follow the baking instructions on your package for best results. (The package I used said 230’F for 30 minutes.)

I hope you enjoyed this fun and unique nail art tutorial! If you decide to give it a try, please share your recreation using the hashtag #cutepolish!


  1. 1:54 there's a good chance she had no bra on just saying

  2. I love your videos! it helps me a lot, but I still have one pesky problem. My nail polish decides to form bubbles all the time! What do you suggest I do? Thanks!

  3. Very cool♥ But I don't like 3D nails. I prefer normal ghost (on nails, not real:) ♥

  4. …..I'm not gonna lie….But I literally thought she was going to bake her nails…..,.

  5. I was wondering what top coat you use? I've been using Seche Vite, but I'm looking for something new.

  6. ru doing halloween nails this year???

  7. Doing these in my sister for Halloween! So stay tuned ?

  8. you should include more bloopers in your videos

  9. i love the ghost they are so cute

  10. i love it and i think it is cool don't you think it is cool =^-^= :)(;

  11. ???? Awsome nail art i totally adore your nail art never change keep up doing the nail tutorials

  12. Wow you should really make hair and makeup videos on a second Chanel because your really pretty☺️

  13. lmao! the end was soo funny!

  14. Can u try taylor swift nail art ???????? B

  15. I LOVE TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You are so creative! By the way, you're really pretty! Cutepolish rules!

  17. You have the same oven as me????

  18. U also could have just made polymer clay cane

  19. Haha love the bloopers!! you are awesome!! Might use this for next Halloween :). Also can you maybe make a New Years nailpolish tutorial??

  20. What about puffy paint? could be a cool alternative and might be a bit flexible 🙂

  21. I do polymer clay to I have a whole collection of charms

  22. you belong with me is my fav song ever

  23. It wont let me see the video 🙁

  24. Been trying to watch this vid for weeks now and it just won't play; not even on my phone. Anyone else having this issue?

    All the other vids on this channel work perfectly fine. The issue is with this video alone.

  25. The moment I looked at fhis video I thought its polymer clay, I've tried it before and it didn't look good on my nails, so I never tried again and I was wondering when you were going to try out clay creations for nails, like canes!! 🙂 +cutepolish

  26. can you maybe do a how to video on the new sally hansen miracle gel


    You should think twice before baking polymer clay in your cooking oven.
    some clays are made well to give no harm when baked, but most are going to turn your oven into not a cooking oven, but a clay oven.

    See, when you bake polymer clay, it can tend to smell bad and kind of smoke.
    these are bad for your health, and will give bad influence to your health.
    make sure that your clay is safe to bake and think twice before baking.

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