Balayage Hair Painting Transition Color Melt

My color creatives is complete with this latest video with my model/client Ofelia. I love that she can rock a golden yellow hair. What do you guys think? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

Products used:

  • Kenra Color Creatives Yellow and Orange
  • Kenra Permanent Color 8G with 40 vol.


  1. I'm a hairstylist and I totally should have watched this video before recently coloring my hair. I used the Kenra Neon Yellow and it looks like someone took a highlighter to my hair! I didn't even think to use a drop of orange to get that green hue out. I'll do that next time when I touch it up. Thanks Guy!

  2. I have a appointment with a stylist in 2 weeks, and im doing a color melt. I have virgin chocolate hair and im colormelting into a soft gold blonde. My main question/concern is that i really do not want bleach on my roots at all, does color melt require bleach? I really want to make sure i know for sure so that i can take proper care. The hair im planning to do is on my stylists instagram @sawsan_hourani and it was the hair posted march 7th. My hair is the same color as the roots as the model maybe a little lighter. What do you think?

  3. Love this color! Never thought I would.

  4. so if i were to do a black to red ombre, i do a balayage, then add color?

  5. i want to watch a video doing a ombre but with does colors

  6. The yellow tone looked very beautiful on her. Thanks for the view.
    I will try it.

  7. will you do my hair? one day❤

  8. Me encanta, pensé que era la única latina viendo esto; hermosa modelo, hermoso trabajo.

  9. the lady with the short hair has the same tattoo as Ruby Rose

  10. Honestly I would just let you do whatever you wanted to my hair. I've never not loved something you did.

  11. +Guy Tang would love to see yr styling all through to the end!

  12. Why did people dislike the video……

  13. your colouring choices and techniques are amazing- RESPECT !

  14. Guy Tang,
    i need you to color my hair

  15. my top 3 videos posted by you. you nailed this!!! love love love !!

  16. Oh my god . I would totaly come from France just to get a color from you . so amazing !!!

  17. To be honest, if I didn't know that Ophelia had a fashion color in her hair, I might not believe it. PS: Guy if you need me to translate for her, let me know.

  18. I love Ariannas vivid purple hair. Do you have a tutorial on this technique?

  19. How I wish I could get you to do my hair

  20. love the yellow! it's actually really fattering!

  21. My dream is to have my hair done by you! everything you do is untouchable <3

  22. when you were trimming her hair, it was so fast and graceful ?

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