BARBERSHOP VLOG! | Prep Tips, What To Ask for & Where To Get Inspiration


  1. New official upload days are Monday’s and Friday’s at 7PM??

  2. Short hair really suits you! ? It brings out your features. You have big pretty eyes and nice cheek bones! Thanks for sharing these tips honeybun! ♥️

  3. Thank you for this video! ❤️I always feel weird going into barber shops and I was just looking at this barber on IG!

  4. Did my big chop….sent the barber the pic before hand…went in and showed him the pic…when he was done it was totally different from what I showed him…I was so shocked n pissed.

    Why do barbers do that?

    Ughhhhhh…..still searching for a good barber.

  5. Hey kaice, I just recently big chopped my hair without intentions of growing it back any time soon. I love short hair on me, and it’s only been like 1 week & a half but I’m already starting to think about what’d I do when I need a shape up or sumn, whether to go back to my salon or barber shops because their easier and cheaper (if I’ve heard right). So I was happy to see this video. My question is about the ‘going to the barber with dirty hair tip’. Barbers don’t wash your hair or do they? Then like after the cut, your hair is still dirty, right (scalps needs a wash etc)? So wouldn’t you need to wash it like the day after or no? Does the cut take the wash need away? Do you wait another week? I don’t rly understand, could you clarify on what you do after if you see my comment? Thanks? Also do barbers style your hair with a lil defining in the curls or they just cut it?

  6. These r gr8 tips. Ur so gorgeous sis ?? ? tfs these tips. Very informal

  7. Again thank you for the info! I'm like a month into this cut life it might be two but I have no clue how to describe what I need to a barber

  8. That moment you’re on a hair growth journey but you still are going to watch Kaice because of her personality ??‍♀️

  9. Men barbers neeeveeerr listen lmao. They will always have your cut looking masculine

  10. My barber told me not to come with grease in my hair … it has to be dry basically. I’m like whettttt lol

  11. ????❤️❤️❤️queen

  12. Awwww you put my page up there yaaay (baldgirlsonly) you are truly one of my inspirations ! So glad you joined the #baldclub ☺️

  13. Yes you are my inspiration.. but I’m nervous because I’m not at the weight I want to be yet.. but once I am I will be making the big step and chopping it all off.. I looooovvveee your short hairstyles

  14. Thanks for the tips! I cut off my hair over a month ago and I’ve been debating whether I should continue cutting. I’ve searched and searched for the perfect barber and I think i finally found one! But he’s booked and busy for now so I guess I have to wait a bit longer. Great video!❤️

  15. Yasss Kacie, I thought about cutting my hair that short but I know for a fact I’m not going to like it ??‍♀️. I love a good curly, defined, moisturized fro ☺️

  16. ayyyye looking cute as always


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