Basket Weave Nails

This video will show you how to get a fun and bold weaved print on your nails!


  • Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream
  • L’Oreal New Money
  • L’Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight


  1. You should do a nail tutorial on your toenails!!

  2. her voice sounds different than her other ones ?

  3. I love this nail art design its so cute I'm going to try it for sure 

  4. hi i love this nail art design 
    can you plz make a video on how to prom nails without using stickers 

  5. I think thats someone else in this video

  6. This nail art looks like my volleyball. ???

  7. her voice sounds lower in her older videos for some reason cause a just watched a newer one then this older one and the pitch of her voice is different

  8. Is it me or does she sound different in this video

  9. Is it just me or does she sound a bit sick in this video?

  10. This is the video where you start to sound really happy during your videos. In your videos before this, you sound unhappy.

  11. wow! I've never seen anything like this before! 🙂


  13. I really love your video tutorials….. (/●◇●)/*'.,◇º○★◇☆♡¤`~ *throwseverythingnice yeeey!!! Watched your ombre tutorial and was amazed then i watched some of your videos again, followed you because youre awesome Now Im a big fan of yours…

  14. do i have to wait for the gradient to dry or can i apply the top coat straight? ><

  15. i love how u added the sponge design to it

  16. It tried doing the basket weave….. take a look at mine…. it's not bad if I do say so.

  17. could you make a birthday nail art tutorial?

  18. mine doesn't work when I use a sponge the polish doesn't show up and I have used different brands of polish one was opi

  19. More nail art for short nails??????

  20. So was I…. Go away, you give me a headache -.-

  21. I have a question for you cutepolish I tryed to do a gradient on makeup sponge but it didnt work 🙁 why not any tips or tricks you can share with me

  22. its called sarcasm jeez people wow

  23. can you do a basketball nail tutorial please ^.^

  24. ĂÇÔÇÁ God, You are very professional

  25. why are you so good. im so jelly

  26. I love how it looks terrible in the beginning and you end up with a perfect manicure.

  27. You could easily turn ot into volleyball nails by just using a white base :)!

  28. Hey girls 🙂
    I am French and just for you, I just realized my last two tutorials Nail Art in English on the subject of cherries, the royal baby, candy crush and the BEACH 🙂
    Join me on my chain: p
    kiss 🙂

  29. do a nail polish collection video

  30. have you tried doing an ombré with eyeshadow applicators? I personally think they're easier to control and I get a better result from them

  31. You Won't smudge the black line if you let it dry properly

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