Beads on Black – Nail Art

Suzie is inspired to create a striking Beads on Black Nail Art design, suitable for elegant occasions.

  • 0:27 Two coats of Black Polish
  • 0:47 Paint the tips of the nails too
  • 2:14 The Caviar Beads
  • 2:57 Apply Clear Polish Coat
  • 3:20 Applying the Beads
  • 3:40 Pattern of the Beads
  • 6:02 Top Coat
  • 6: 17 Finished Photo Reveal


  1. Thank you so much to allow your nail art knowledge travel to us! ❤

  2. help. work in factory where I wear glove what will help my nails

  3. Hi, Suzie!
    Can I capture in pictures of you painting your nail ends?
    I want to use them on my personal blog for nail tips in Korean.
    I will write the references of the pictures as your youtube channel, of course.
    Please let me know! I won't use them before your permission.

  4. This black polish is so pigmented. I can totally see myself wear one layer and be cool with it.

  5. This is gorgeous, can you do these are gel and cure?

  6. ooh love your nails and your hair in this vid ?

  7. Hi Suzie ,my nail polish takes hours to dry,do you have any tips that can help ? Love your videos <3

  8. Cannot even hear your voice over this music.

  9. love the black polish with the little cute suzie !!

  10. Beautiful and elegant. Love watching your tutorials. Fantastic work, Suzie!

  11. Gasp at advising polish remover, spend a few bucks and use polish thinner. Remover will break down the polish and ruin a bottle of polish.

  12. Love watching your videos at night when I can't sleep. It's very satisfying and your voice is relaxing! Quick question, where do you find the music used in your videos?

  13. I have such an important question and I haven't had any professional answers!! please help me Suzie, you're so inspiring. my question is
    how can you get all 10 nails the exact same length? and shape? I can't seem to be perfect all at once, I'm a very slow nail tech and any extra advice helps. would you use a ruler or something?? haha

  14. would love to see a reveal with a mat topcoat. stunning design and simpler than I thought it would be. 🙂

  15. This design is awesome. When I get better at doing my own nails this is definitely going on my list of must tries…

  16. Where did you get your practice hand?

  17. I love your videos, you inspire me to do my own nails. I change my polish almost every day to match what Im wearing. Lol, can you please tell me where you got that beautiful ring. Its just beautiful. Blessings

  18. UR SOOOOO GOOD AT DOING UR NAILS! I ALWAYS MESS MINE MINE UP! can u make a vid about 'how to do ur nails properly' plz!

  19. can you do a video with stamping decals and with rhinestones it would look very pretty

  20. Black has evolved from grunge to gorgeous!

  21. Never had acrylics…but I sort of want to do my own.  Do you think I am being too gung ho?

  22. I'm think she is from canada

  23. do you wait each layer to dry or not?

  24. All anyone comments is about how she recommended nail polish remover like big deal about It maybe you are wrong she is the nail artist her maybe you need a certain type of nail polish remover or maybe she made a mistake and meant nail polish thinner big deal get over it she's human she can make mistakes ?

  25. How do you stretch nails? 😀 .
    Because my nails are very soft . So I just wanted to hear you about it and i love yours nalis 🙂 🙂

  26. I love your videos!! Are are painting on top of your real nails or do you have tips?

  27. do beads stays strong on nails ?

  28. not only do I love your videos, I actually love your eyebrows lol

  29. Did you mean nail polish thinner? I think you did :). Beautiful design!!

  30. polish to thin it out. That will actually break down the polish. instead use Nail Polish Thinner.

  31. Love this look. But, you should Never Ever add nail polish remover to your nail polis

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