Beautiful Long Hair Cuts / Hairstyles for Women


  1. What's that hairstyle in the thumbnail called the one w the brown hair

  2. I want to cut womens hair when I grow up.

  3. you are cutting it like smoth paper.if I could.please cut bob more.yummy hair.could I take those.

  4. What's the song in the backround called?

  5. idk, i have never seen this style of hair cutting where he's just basically cutting so randomly within the hair.the end result looks but so many short pieces all over the hair, not my style but more power to him and the women that want to have that in their hair

  6. The silver lob with bangs is an amazing look!

  7. frainge cut suits on round face?

  8. God I wondering when the hairstylist dude was going to stop touching that girls hair and fluffing it up! I'm thinking "fuck, that's enough already"!!!!!!

  9. Who's the girl in the thumbnail

  10. bad hairdressers, can not even cut hair decently
    what an amateurs
    no wonder they are male

  11. you should have left it with the razor, really good straight cut
    for the rest i dont like these duck faces

  12. Name of the hair cut in the beginning?? Please revert 🙂

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