Beautiful Side Swept Updo


  1. this is really pretty but to hard for me

  2. If you have darker hair, try getting some natural highlights to help the braids and twists show up better. (There's a dozen ways to get natural highlights using stuff around your home). The slight color differences can make the detail pop!

  3. please do the tutorial without the extention

  4. This makes me think of Hermione's Yule Ball hair

  5. uno f guibds uhjbvgh furvyun

  6. I know this is old but I am on struggle street with those first sets of curls. My hair just tangles all together and doesn't look smooth like yours. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong

  7. I have seen this hairstyle and loved it but didn't know how to recreate it so glad I found your channel then i watched like all your videos lol new subscriber

  8. You made dis intricate hairstyle look so much easier

  9. Perfect, is the hairstyle that I wanted 😀 but my stylist did a disaster u.u

  10. This is the one that i wanted to get for my wedding and the lady was a "professional" stylist but she couldnt do it -.-

  11. I did this to my cousin's hair for her wedding. It turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for your easy to follow tutorial.

  12. I'm actually doing this style for my debutante! So I'll definitely be showing this tutorial to my hairdresser! Thanks (:

  13. This is so pretty ? it looks like something a princess would wear

  14. this is so beautiful and easy i done this for a wedding and got so many complements 
    thankyou xx

  15. So I really want to do this for my prom but I have pretty curly hair.. it would probably be a good idea to straighten it, right?

  16. Is there anyway you can do this hair tutorial with really dark hair

  17. I would wear this for prom. Thanks. <3

  18. What curling wand are you using?

  19. omg it's so beautiful, I'm definitely gonna wear it at my upcoming formal party :)) thank you so much Kayley <33

  20. can you do something like this but instead of pin curls, do those roses you can make with your hair and with it not pinned to the side? 🙂

  21. Thats a beautyful hair style… where did you purchased your hair extentions and how much did you pay for them? Hope you can help me… Thank you so much 🙂

  22. Oh my god!! so beatiful!! love this hairstyle

  23. I just barely did this style for a girl for prom. Took 1.5 hours because she had so many extensions clipped in but it looked gorgeous in the end.

  24. OMG!!!! Thank you soooooo much for doing a tutorial on this!!! I have seen this hairstyle all over pinterest and I could never figure out how to make it look like the picture! Thank you!!!!

  25. I'm doing this for my wedding thank you soo much I loove this hairstyle

  26. So excited to try this out! I follow hairandmakeupbysteph and I saw the picture of this hair and wanted to do it for my prom! So happy you put it up (: thank you!!! Love your videos!! ?


  28. Could you please do a Grecian hairstyles!!!

  29. so elegant .. and you are very pretty .. I really love your video 

  30. Loved this video Kayley! Xo.

  31. where you got the extensions from?

  32. Yaaaaaaay! Thank you so much for this!!

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