Become Beyoncé With This Sexy Dance Workout

Inspired by club life in Miami, the Vixen Workout will get you sweaty while making you feel hot. Sizzling hot. Channel your inner Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, or Janet Jackson as you dance the calories away. Just press play and werk it! Front Page Image Source: Bob Metelus


  1. Really pretty routine! I like it!

  2. What's the 3rd girl's name?

  3. What song should I dance to to this? What song fits?

  4. The first song legit sounds a bit like Darude – Sandstorm.

  5. Poor Anna is so white. God bless her for doing this.

  6. Why do people not realise how important appropriate music is? This was miserable

  7. I got 50 wpm on this video congratulation to your inspiration sexy move dancing and to my turn on from watch you help me to perform. Make love to your dance Go Go Go Girrrrrrly.

  8. Nice workout just needs better music ;(

  9. fun workout, however, the music does ruin it.

  10. Never knew a Latina who could make a sexy dance unsexy until I did this workout myself… no wonder why anybody dances with me at the club…

  11. I got pregnant doing the booty pop routine

  12. This music doesnt go and didnt feel nearly as fun as their other dance workouts this just felt like regular workout not like dance.

  13. Guys it’s really not that serious. If you want a fast pace music and exercise moves go to another video they have those too. I like this! The moves actually make you sweat but still fun the music is just fun and simple

  14. Why does she look like Toni Braxton?

  15. Am in the ONLY one who thought this was not too much of a challenge.. but good for a day when u don’t feel like working out a lot.????❤️ love u team Popsugar!?

  16. Could hav good background song of Beyoncé ?

  17. Warmup but I'm exhausted already.

  18. It is really sad how uncoordinated I am lol

  19. the front chick is fat, if she worked off about 15 lbs she'd be perfect. She needs a little definition in her arms & legs. Looks like her legs rub together & she gets a rash.

  20. i wonder where the black leggings are frommm

  21. All workout of popsugar is awesome. I love this

  22. what the fuck is this shit? women think being a slutty dancer is a workout now? hahaahhahaha

  23. Always doing this at the club

  24. Not coordinated with music . .at all. And disappointed about racist comments all around



  27. That "white girl" has a name: Anna Renderer who has her Bachelor and Master degrees in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Northeastern University. She is a certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and certified Youth Fitness Specialist with the International Youth and Conditioning Association (IYCA). Anna is the co-founder and CEO of KFIT Health, creating stronger and healthier kids, She has developed a DVD program called JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH in collaboration with a Pediatrician to provide high quality nutrition and fitness education to children and their parents. Anna is the Health and Fitness Host for FitSugar TV, providing her expertise to create quality fitness education and present the latest fitness trends. Etc……… so thank you Anna for all your free videos on you tube.

  28. This was a fun workout, but this music was terrible. It was so off beat and distracting. Please pick music that matches the workout.

  29. Do you have a workout tape im going to need it

  30. I felt more like the white girl in this video. ? Sorry to disappoint Beyoncé…

  31. Become a sweaty over weight pig in this work out ??

  32. nahh this ain't for me I quit during warm up?

  33. thanks from a mother of 10 first-time lasting to the end. this will be my favorite start up video to get me to my goal…much love ❤. you made it easy and fun

  34. These comments are hilarious…

  35. "Stay hungry live fierce"

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