Beginner Inner Thighs Workout (INTENSE BURN & SCULPT!!)

This inner thigh workout for beginners will show you the best inner thigh exercises to help you strengthen this area. This is an intense inner thigh workout whether you’re experienced or a complete beginner. It contains inner thigh exercises for beginners that even experienced exercisers can use to strengthen the inner thighs if they are weak.

The biggest inner thigh challenge is that often traditional leg workouts don’t focus on inner thigh exercises and the inner thighs stay weak while other muscle groups in the legs do all the work. But if you incorporate the moves in this inner thighs workout for beginners, you’ll find that will see noticeable differences in the inner thighs in a short period of time. If you are looking for a complete leg workout including inner thigh exercises for beginners check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program

Here are the moves that make up this inner thigh workout:

1) Bridge With Squeeze
2) Inner Thigh Crunch Lift
3) Frog Press
4) Sumo Squat Side Reach
5) Sumo Squat Jumps


  1. Well, I can only do the frog press and sumo side squats. I really felt the burn doing these exercises. These two exercises are perfect for me. Can't do the others because of a sprained ankle.

  2. awesome workout…I'm gonna do this workout r8 now.. well how many days a week I need to do this workout for gettin' results fast??

  3. Athlean-XX for Women really does it, women on this channel bring it. This is the first time I've had an exercise really work the upper inner thigh and thanks to you, this area is well toned for me. Much Thanks and appreciate for yah!

  4. Love, love, love your videos. Great pace, well explained. Thank you x

  5. Awesome… great video

  6. Enjoyed these exercises ?Appreciate the thorough guidance so very much! Have a wonderful day ☺️

  7. Love It…thank you Susan. You cut your long hair?

  8. Love your Channel,you girls are awesome. Would you please consider doing an easy on the knees HIIT workout with sculpting in real time. Would be great to actually workout with you ladies.❤

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