Today, I’m sharing with you my best tips, routine, and methods for body hair removal! I’m also giving you guys an at home DIY all natural sugaring wax recipe.
I mention my 2 favorite places to go to get sugared in Los Angeles:


  • -1 cup granulated white sugar
  • -1/4 cup water
  • -1/4 cup lemon juice

PS- I made the shirt that I’m wearing YEARS ago.


  1. Britttney that top is f*ckin lit! I really like your videos n vibe btw, been watching for a while 🙂 Love from England ?

  2. So, Brittney, why would you even bother with traditional waxing if you have sugaring??

  3. I just tried this method of hair removal with your tips and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT. I used your recipe for the wax and it turned out PERFECT! I thank you soooooooo much Brittney ????

  4. I can't stand waxing my armpits, It's the worst pain in the world like

  5. You're basically just spreading candy on yourself. I love it! This video was incredibly helpful, thank you!

  6. Manhattan Beach! If youre in the Mall there, pop into Oakwood Drive clothes shop and say hi to my cousin Joedy!!

  7. I made a batch last night but it started to leave a sticky oily residue after using it and if I used a piece to much, it started to kinda melt. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? Lol

  8. Do you think waxing over long periods will lead to sagging skin or loss of elasticity?

  9. hi Brittney, could you do a tutorial on how to get flawless skin like you have? maybe show us your skin care routine? 🙂 you are stunning!

  10. What are your opinions on Threading for brows? I've tweezed, have been waxed, sugared, and threaded and I think I like sugaring the best but I also like the convenience/quickness of threading. What do you think? I love your advice!

  11. Did you just rip that off of your skin with your hand?

  12. I have to wait until it grows out a little because if I shaved it every day it would be one bloody mess and I would be in pain. That's crazy I use a men's razor too because all the women's cut my legs up.

  13. Vajizzle ?? you're too adorbs. I love that shirt!! Thank you for the sugaring tutorial. I also have fine blonde leg hair but fine dark underarm hair (my head hair is thick, only area I can grow hair bahaha).

  14. yu are so hot and sexy girl are yu married??

  15. If you're in New York check out SugaringNYC ???

  16. i love the color of your hair.

  17. Hi, can you make a video about improving hair from medical/hypothyroid issues?

  18. Early 2000s vibe in this vid w your shirt and hair style
    I'm loving it lol

  19. epilators are the most painful thing i have ever used. i would take waxing with super hot wax any day over epilators.

  20. I've tried making sugar wax so many times and it's never worked out, don't know what I'm doing wrong. I gave up on it in the end

  21. that shirt tutorial video was one of the first videos I'd ever watched of you. it made me a subscriber

  22. I think I will try to do this diy,it sounds way less painful than the traditional waxing lol!Really Informative video and great tips!!:)

  23. Is this the shirt you made a while back?

  24. Thank You! Love the way your hair looks?

  25. Ive always wanted to try this but its winter so I haven't even bothered to shave or wax for months ??? I was wondering if there such thing as having hair too long to wax..?

  26. … if only I could afford a professional xD

  27. Do you need to reheat the wax after it has been stored or can you just use it at room temperature?

  28. So cool to see that shirt again!!

  29. I recognize that shirt!! Great video! I never thought about making my own wax. I'll have to try this!

  30. First off, I love your hair! And, thank you for this video! You talk about all of the beauty stuff that I always wondered about! I am going to try the sugar wax.

  31. I've followed you long enough to recognize that shirt! <3

  32. Love the sugar wax recipe thanks for sharing gorgeous!

  33. How do you not have more subscribers ?!

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