Best CHEST WORKOUT for Women: Lift and Firm your Breasts Naturally!

Give your cleavage a natural boost with these 10 chest exercises for women! Firm and lift your breasts, the natural way, tone the pectoral muscles and build strength in the upper body! Thank you for watching! If you enjoy our exercises and exercise programs, please leave a comment below and give this video a Share! ?

  • Workout Description: 16-minute workout with 2 sets of 10 exercises and a 60-second break between sets
  • Equipment: stability ball, dumbbells, medicine ball


  • stability ball chest press
  • dumbbell pullover
  • elbow squeeze shoulder press
  • medicine ball push up
  • plank rotation
  • chest fly
  • cobra lat pulldown
  • tricep dips
  • around the worlds
  • standing y raise

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  1. Here for the music lol. Are the tracks listed somewhere?

  2. Wow that was a tough one! Thanks a lot! 😀 <3

  3. THANK YOOOOU! I LOVE the music on here!! Thank you so much, you are, like, one of THE BEST (emphasis on BEST) places I have come across to stay healthy and fit 😀 Thank you so much for having such an amazing page, and showing ladies you dont need to go to the gym to workout.

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